7 Creative Cat Wall Shelves to Transform Your Home Into a Chic Cat Playground

Once upon a time, wall shelves were just for books and trinkets. But, since we started letting furry creatures into our homes they have taken over everything. And proven that cat wall shelves are a brilliant way to give cats a place to climb as well as lounge.

We all know which of the two they do better.

Usually mounted to a wall these shelves transport play time from the floor to above your head. There are all sorts of cat trees, and I think that I have made you a pretty cool list here. Can you tell I am proud of myself

Anyway, as with any cat furniture; make sure that the shelves are secured to the wall and that your cat can get to it without having to buy a jet pack. The carpeted parts should also be washed now and then. But, back to cats in jetpacks. I mean cat shelves.

The Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree

cat shelves for walls

With more and more people moving away from the carpeted chunkiness of traditional cat trees this is a giant leap forward. These wall mounted cat shelves comes in two pieces, one with a unique hole in the side that allows for climbing fun. It screams modern and takes play time away from the floor.

Plus, it brings together cat play time and your storage needs in a pretty neat way. Not only are the finishes modern but the carpeted areas will allow for some great cat naps. The shelves are made to hold up to 25 pounds, and you get to pick between black and white. The tree is easy to assemble and provides great versatility.

There is an additional reason this is a much-loved item; it’s a 2 for the price of one deal. Add some books, picture frames and owl statues and the space will work for you and kitty. Make sure that you place the parts an easy jumping distance from one another or play the I believe I can fly? song and hope for the best for your cat.

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CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace

cat wall shelf

With the Olympics just around the corner, it’s about time you gave your kitty an activity centre that also doubles up as a cat shelf. This shelf has a lounging hammock as well as stairs? that are made from lightweight material and wood. This shelf tests your kitty-cats climbing abilities and pushes them to interact with space.

It is kind of like “climb the mountain and then there is a 5-star resort at the top.” I wish my holidays were like that. This cat wall shelf can hold pretty large cats, and the wooden finish gives it an overall warm and welcoming vibe.

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Urban Pet Haus Wave Wall Mounted Cat Perch

floating cat shelves

These sleek floating cat shelves are made to fit the graceful curves of your cat’s body. Not only does this look modern but is functional too. The shelf is made with wooden veneers and is carpeted allowing for maximum kitty comfort.

While you could only buy one shelf at a time, you can create a fantastic wall with a few of these. Urban Pet products are great to pair up together, and this shelf has to be your centre piece. This shelf is 44 inches long and does have a sleekness that very few cat shelves have. I want a bed like this.

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Authentic Wine Barrel Recycled Cat Wall Shelf

wall mounted cat perch

This is a pretty cool way of recycling. Made from a wine barrel this cat shelf is the perfect hang out for any cat with discerning taste. The hollow space created by the empty barrel is like a natural cat nest; ain’t that just what you need for your cat

Oh, and the 100% recycled barrel comes straight from the Napa wine valley, how fancy can you get!

The barrel is durable, and the cushioned inside make this a really unique piece. Made by an artisan; this cat shelf really is an eco-friendly way to give your cat a place to hang out in and your house a little wine valley charm. Crack a bottle of wine open and get ready to lounge with your cat.

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The Refined Feline Cat Cloud Cat Shelves

wall mounted cat shelves

Being a science fiction fan, I love anything a little space? looking. These cloud shelves can either be bought right or left facing and in black or white. There are two tiers to this cat shelf making it a sweet buy. The carpeted pads are magnetic which means you can quickly take them off and replace them. The shape is round and gives a real smoothness to the shelf.

Cats will love having the choice of two platforms, and you will love the style of these floating clouds. Paint a rainbow on the wall and you could have a cute little fairytale get up.

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Wall Mounted Mario Cat Complex

cat shelves for walls

So I may have included this wall shelf for purely selfish reasons. Ain’t this just the geekiest cat shelf you have ever seen? Made to resemble the platforms in the Mario video games this shelf is geek-chic at its best.

It has one hollow box that you can open or leave closed for shy cats. The pipes add a new dimension to the usual cat shelves which is neat. You can pick between two different styles: a toned down one and a more colorful one. Every gamer will envy your cat and…do I see a Mario cat cosplay in the future

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Refined Feline Cat Silhouette Cat Shelf

floating cat shelves

If you are adding a little more cat themed? d cor to your house then, these shelves are just perfect. Each shelf comes with a different cat silhouette at the back. You can get these bad boys in either black, white, cream, grey or red and I think that they would look fantastic in any house owned by a cat lover.

The shelves are made from steel which does give them a very different look. They may be heavy but well worth it. There is a carpeted cushion that uses a magnetic strip to secure the fluffiness to the steel. How could you not like a cat shelf with cats already on them

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Cat wall shelves are more than just shelves. They are a chance for you to express yourself while giving your cat some off the ground play space. Add some books, trinkets or just buy a shelf that is already decorated and be prepared to make the space your own.

Always make sure that the shelf is at just the right height for your fluffy friend. I like the idea of the magnetic carpets which allow for easy cleaning and think that my cats would appreciate the chance to look out over their kingdom. Because we all know that all the furniture is theirs.

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Janis - August 1, 2017

Those less than $50 cat trees aren’t actually less than that. Click on find it here and you get sent to Amazon that charges much more!


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