Minskin Cat

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  • Size: Small, 2 to 6 lbs
  • Energy Level: 3/5
  • Talkative: 2/5
  • Coat: Hairless or very short
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Sign: Gemini
  • Seeking: Humans with lots of love to give and a home with space to explore and play
  • Child Friendly: Yes
  • Personality Snapshot: Very people-oriented, loves to snoop, intelligent and unabashedly affectionate

My Looks minskin cat breed info

You will know from the moment you lay eyes on me that I am truly one of a kind.

There is just no other feline quite like me.

For starters, I am a mini cat who’s naturally smaller than most and destined to stay pocket-sized all my life.

And as if my already miniature frame weren’t enough, I am also the proud owner of very short legs that are mind-bogglingly close to the ground.

They’re so short, in fact, that you might marvel at how they manage to get me around so well. Luckily, my legs – ‘though short – are quite burly and get a stability boost from my large, rounded paws.

But my diminutive build is not the only unique thing about me – you see, I am also hairless.

minskin5Or at least, mostly hairless. It really varies from Minskin to Minskin, but we’re characterized by our relative hairlessness.

Even those of us who do have hair only possess minuscule amounts, usually just on the face, ears, legs, tail, and groin. Our bellies, chest, and neck tend to be hairless.

Interestingly, even my whiskers are either sparse or completely non-existent.

And for those who like a little variety, you’ll be happy to know that all coat colors and points are accepted so a Minskin can have the coloring of a Siamese or even a tabby.

Yup, there’s no doubt about it – I am truly an original. ‘Though I have to admit I do have some wonderful cat breeds to thank for my good looks, mainly the Munchkin for my lovely size and the Sphynx for my beautiful hairlessness. Kudos, guys.

My Personality minskin cat breed personality

I’m a people cat and as such, I love spending most of my day bonding and interacting with my humans. Unlike other breeds that shy away from being handled, I am a cat that never passes up the chance to be stroked or petted. minskin cat breed

Apart from easily warming up to my new human family and surroundings, I also don’t have a problem getting along with other pets, especially dogs. This is the reason why I am an ideal breed for multi-pet households.

I have an affinity for children and am very patient with them as well. I won’t retaliate easily when pinched or handled too forcefully during play. I will simply walk away when I feel that the roughhousing has simply become rather gruff for my taste.

I am fairly intelligent and can be seen trying new activities in and around the household. Apart from checking out which areas in my home can be scaled, I also love getting my paws on puzzles and similar toys that tease my mental capacity. I am also a very big fan of playing and will often engage my humans in games.

Although I am a pint-sized feline, I have pouncing and jumping high up on my list of favorite activities. I can be observed clambering up high spots like windowsills and cabinets every time I get the opportunity. You will also be surprised how easy it is for me to climb up your lap when I am in the mood for a belly rub or a gentle massage behind the ears.

Remarkably, my running speed will simply amaze you. Sure, I may look all small and short-legged, but I can run just as well as any longer-legged feline – even better, in fact, since my legs’ proximity to the ground helps me navigate twists and turns better.

My Ideal Human minskin cat breed ideal home

Now while I have a temperament that’s perfect for any cat fancier, my ideal human is one who will always take the time to satisfy my needs for playing and affection. Due to my size, I won’t have a problem being housed in small apartments and similar environments.

If you’re looking to have me as a pet anytime soon, you should also protect me from extreme sunlight and cold since I can easily develop skin problems and other health issues due to my lack of hair. There must be also close supervision on my climbing spaces to prevent me from accidentally injuring myself.

My Roots minskin cat breed history

We’re a fairly new breed in the world of cat fancy and was only developed in Boston by Paul McSorley in 1998. McSorley wanted to produce a cat that flaunted the color points of a Siamese, but had really short legs, much like the cat version of the dog breed, Corgi.

Minskin Cat breed infoPaul McSorley began an extensive breeding program that had the Sphynx Cat (also known as the Canadian Hairless) and the Munchkin as foundation breeds. He also integrated the Devon Rex and the Burmese in the program over time.

McSorley finally produced the look and size he envisioned for our breed in the early 2000’s.

By 2005, the cat fancier was able to propagate more than 50 Minskin cats. As of today, The International Cat Association (TICA) is the only registry that is monitoring our breed’s development and has given us a Preliminary New Breed status.

How to Keep Me Healthy and Happy minskin cat breed health

Although I am generally a hale and hearty feline, I still require a lot of protection against the elements since I don’t have the protection of hair on my body.

Cats of my breed that totally lack fur should also be bathed at least every couple of weeks to prevent dryness and the accumulation of oils that can set off rashes and similar skin problems if left unattended.

Stuff I Love best toys for minskin cat breed

I have a special soft spot for interactive toys that get me jumping and pouncing. So firing up this Fling-ama-String won’t just give me oodles of fun, but give me the exercise I so often crave.

When it comes to jumping and pouncing, I am one cat breed who’ll impress every time. Having this Cat Dancer 301 Cat Charmer Interactive Cat Toy is one way you can coax me into giving you a free performance.

I have a penchant for puzzle toys…especially if it rewards me with treats, like this PetSafe Egg-Cersizer Meal Dispensing Cat Toy. ‘Cause what sane kitty would say no to both fun and some yummies

Things I’ve Never Told Anyone minskin cat facts

  • Thanks to my lack of hair, I am very, very warm to the touch. Like a kitty heating pad. You’ll want to touch me frequently, especially during the chillier months.
  • I should let you know that as desirable as I am, I am also quite hard to get. My breed remains very rare still and you’ll encounter a long waiting time – have patience, ‘though. I am worth it.
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Susan - April 18, 2017

What is the price range for these beautiful little cats

Wendy - February 23, 2018

Very interested in purchasing one of these little bundles of joy. One similar to your dearest Madeline would just delight me to the Heaven’s!. Would like more info. Thank you for your time.


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