Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

Cats are crazy popular. They rule the Internet as well as a whole lot of households. According to research, dog owning households slightly outnumber cat owning households – but when it comes to raw population, cats outnumber dogs by around 2 to 4 million!

Although cats are popular pets as a whole, there are some cat breeds that are even more popular than others.

The Cat Fancier’s Association has released its most popular cat breeds list for the previous year, which means it’s time to get to know the world’s favorite felines.

As you’ll see, it’s not all about the standard notion of feline beauty that gets a cat voted up – the cat breeds on this list are as diverse as it gets, from the most talkative cats to some of the most athletic.

See who’s winning their way into the most homes – and why!

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Most Popular Cat Breeds #1. Persian

persian cat breed

I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve officially been the most popular cat breed for, like, forever. Thirty years, to be exact, but who’s counting

My desirability has both to do with my adorably fluffy looks as my extremely laid-back personality. I’m very zen-like, you know – gentle, soft-spoken and capable of accepting every moment with gracious nonchalance. No wonder I’m #1. Read more about the Persian.

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Most Popular Cat Breeds #2. Exotic Shorthair

exotic shorthair cat breed

Love the cuddly good looks of the Persian but can’t deal with all the fur? Then I’m purrfect for you, since I’ve got all the adorable looks of the Persian minus the high-maintenance coat.

I’ve even inherited the Persian’s easy-going, affectionate disposition, but with another crucial difference – I’m actually active and playful. I’ve been in second place now for three years straight, but it won’t be long ’til I move up! Read more about the Exotic Shorthair.

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Most Popular Cat Breeds #3. Maine Coon

maine coon cat breed

I’m a true American – big, hearty, and one of the oldest breeds to originate in the US. I’m not only #3 on this list – I’m also the official state cat of Maine. How many other felines can claim that

A rugged sort of cat, I’m built to survive – and thrive – with my water-repellant fur and top-notch hunting skills but underneath my brawny good looks lies the heart of a gentle giant. I’m as loving and affectionate as a kitten and great with kids! Read more about the Maine Coon.

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Most Popular Cat Breeds #4. Ragdoll

ragdoll breed info

My name gives me away. I am every bit as big, fluffy, and easy-going as a ragdoll. I’ll even go limp when you pick me up – which I’ll let you do even if you’re a total stranger.

I’m just friendly like that, ‘though my sociability never gets annoying. At most, I’ll follow you from room to room just to remain within petting distance. It’s easy to love me, which is why I’m toward the top of this list. Read more about the Ragdoll.

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Most Popular Cat Breeds #5. British Shorthair

british shorthair cat

With my round, fluffy teddy-bear looks, it’s no wonder I’m the most popular cat in Britain. And it’s not just my looks that keep me ranking on the world’s most popular cat charts, either – I am a well-mannered, genteel feline with a zen-like disposition toward life and fellow creatures.

A true pleasure to be around and no trouble at all. Read more about the British Shorthair.

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Most Popular Cat Breeds #6. Abyssinian

abyssinian cat

I’m a high-spirited stunner with looks that rival the sacred cats portrayed in Egyptian murals. But I’m no elegant lap cat – I prefer to live life on the edge, fueled by my insatiable curiosity to climb to the highest heights of the home, investigate everything my humans are up to and explore anything that catches my ever-alert attention.

My high energy, intelligence, and zest for life keeps me ranking high on Most Popular Cat Breeds charts, as well as those for ‘Smartest,’ ‘Most Active,’ and so on. Read more about the Abyssinian.

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Most Popular Cat Breeds #7. American Shorthairamerican shorthair cat breed

I’m the purrfect Goldilocks sort of cat – not too big and not too small, not too aloof and not too demanding, not too lazy and not too active. As such, I’m an all-around crowd pleaser and ideal family cat, capable of getting along with anyone – no matter how many legs they have.

As beautiful as I am, I’m also as low-maintenance as a cat can be, making it easy not only to love me but to care for me as well.

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Most Popular Cat Breeds #8. Sphynx

sphynx cat breed

Highly sociable and unreservedly affectionate, I’ve been described as being part monkey, part dog, part child, and part cat. It’s no wonder why I’m so popular around the world – you get so many lovely personas wrapped in one gracefully poised, very chatty package.

Just know that I know no shame when it comes to begging for attention. ‘Personal space’ isn’t in my repertoire so no boundaries between us, okay Read more about the Sphynx.

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Most Popular Cat Breeds #9. Siamese

siamese cat breed

I am a straight up extrovert who loves to mingle and be right where the action is. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing – I’ll be there and you can bet I’ll have something to say about it.

In fact, I’ll have a lot to say ’cause I’m one of the most talkative cats ever. But as chatty as I can be, I’m also unabashedly affectionate with my humans which makes me a pleasure to have around and a fixture on Most Popular Cat Breeds charts. Read more about the Siamese.

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Most Popular Cat Breeds #10. Devon Rex

devon rex cat breed

My large eyes and ears combined with my short, wavy coat has earned me a few nicknames, including ‘elf cat’ and ‘poodle cat,’ but the most accurate is ‘monkey in a cat suit’ for my dexterous climbing and jumping abilities as well as my people-pleasing performances.

Combine my endless affection with my dog-like, sociable nature and you’ll understand why I’ll remain one of the most popular cat breeds for years to come. Read more about the Devon Rex.

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