Best Cheap Cat Trees and Towers Under $50

Towers are not only reserved for Rapunzel. Cats love to clamber up these towers, and they bring with them great health benefits as well as charm to your living area. They encourage cats to climb and use their muscles. Some even come with inbuilt scratchers, hammocks and great places to lounge around.

The downside? Cat towers can be costly.

As with any cat tree, it is important that you make sure that it is stable and that it can support the weight of bigger kitties. The cheap cat trees below are amazingly affordable but no less stable and great for your cats.

Check out this little list of the best cheap cat towers for under $50 – no, that’s not a typo. They’re seriously under $50.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 52″

cheap cat towers

Get it for $45

This dynamic tower is 52 inches high and comes with three platforms, a condo as well as two fluffy little mice to bat. There are sisal posts, and overall this tower is stable and can support the weight of small to medium sized cats.

The overall quality is good and while not the tallest of trees, it does allow for some great cat exercise and clawing. As for stability, will not wobble and can support multiple cats.

Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

cheap cat trees

Get it for $38

If you live in a small place, then this cheap and short tower is great for you. The style is unique, and it folds up for easy storage. It stands at 26 inches tall and is stable (regardless of its collapsible ability).

The hammock allows for relaxed lounging, and the condo provides the safe space some kitties need. TRIXIE makes this style in a few colors, and the cute additions of a batting ball and mouse, as well as the sisal scratching side, make this a winner.

Kitty City Mega Kit Cat Furniture

cheap cat towers

Get it for $40 to $60

If you are looking for a fun jungle-gym? looking tree, then this is it. Made with pipes and ABS plastic joints this is one strong tower. While it does require assembly, it can be built in various ways keeping your cats on their toes.

Standing at just under 50 inches, it allows for climbing and the funky pompoms and sisal polls are a great touch. Also is a definite conversation piece.

Merax Cat Tower House 47″

cheap cat trees

Get it for $50

While this is a cat tower at its most basic, it does its job. At 47 inches it includes a condo, a porch as well as a hanging rope. There are sisal poles and the beige color with blend into any home without being an eye sore. It does work better for smaller cats and kittens but is overall sturdy and stable, even for cats on the bigger side.

Premium Extra Large Cat Tree 60″

cheap cat towers

Get it for $40

Big and energetic kitties will love this tower. It stands at 60 inches tall and comes with six levels. The thick base ensures stability, and this can hold the biggest of cats. The condo, nest up top as well as the staggered levels, allow cats to jump and play, both which are important for indoor cats.

It is well built and comes in a variety of colors. Don’t shy away from these bigger trees as they give cat’s some great height! Plus, it can support multiple cats.

So, if you are looking for something under $50 that won’t collapse as soon as your cat jumps on it than these are the best cheap cat towers for you. They are all well-built and provide your cat with height, scratching posts, and fake prey? for them to bat around.

These are all great as you can save money and spend it on cat treats, because we all land up doing that, don’t we

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