Top 5 Dental Treats for Cats (aka How to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean Without Getting Bitten)

As humans we have routines. We eat too much pizza, cry at The NoteBook and brush our teeth. Cats have teeth too. So, should you get them into a teeth brushing routine

Wildcats don’t brush their teeth but they do have saliva with a very high pH. This acidic spit prevents erosion of the enamel and keeps them in a good hunting shape. They also chew on bones which act as bone toothbrushes? and don’t eat food that comes in a can full of processed meat and who knows what else.

Our house cats have 30 teeth once they reach adulthood and keeping them in good condition is an overlooked part of pet care.

Your vet should give your cat an oral exam when you take them for a check-up, but there are things you can do at home at half the price. Trying to brush your cat’s teeth may seem like to the go-to treatment, but that may mean a little wrestling and biting.

Dental treats for cats are the next option, and they really can do the trick. By including some dental treats into your cat’s diet, you are keeping away harmful bacteria that can cause dental problems such as gingivitis, stomatitis and tooth decay.

The crunchiness of these treats act like those bone toothbrushes? and with added vitamins and minerals you can be assured that they are getting other health benefits too.

Just keep in mind that these are treats and should not replace a meal…no matter how demanding kitty gets.

So which dental treats for cats are going to keep your furry friend’s teeth in purrfect pearly white condition? Here are our top 5 feline approved picks, in no particular order!

Wellness Kittles Crunchy Natural Grain Free Cat Treats

best dental treats for cats

Made with extra crunch? these treats are made to clean your cat’s teeth. Wellness Natural Pet Food prides its self on using natural ingredients to aid in dental care as well as overall health. So you can expect no chemicals and added nasties.

They are made with NO grain (gluten free) and are packed with blueberries, cranberries, chicken / salmon and natural goodness. Each treat has only two calories, making it an ideal treat even for kitties on a diet, and is perfect for cats and kittens. Can’t go wrong with all natural ingredients.

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Feline Greenies Dental Cat Treats

dental treats for cats

Greenies, which is a vet approved brand, is much loved by cats with bad breath and teeth issues. These treats are flavorful which makes cats gobble them up and you assured they are getting the benefits without them knowing it.

The added minerals and vitamins work to compact tooth decay and other teeth issues. There are six flavors to choose from the different Greenies treat shape ensures a good clean as its rough surfaces scrub away any plaque build-up.

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Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats

top dental treats for cats

With a dental enzyme in the centre of these treats these treats give a therapeutic touch. Being bigger treats they force the cat to chew through the fibrous paper (think bone toothbrush here) to get to the goodness within. It combines so many benefits in one treat.

While larger than most dental treat the Virbac treat ensures that cats work for their dental benefits. They also combat bacteria and bad breath providing overall good dental care. This is a much trusted and highly rated dental treat for cats.

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Feline Harvest Dental Treats

good dental treats for cats

These treats are made in the good ole’ US of A and decrease tartar and plaque buildup on your cat’s teeth. These treats can’t be eaten in one gulp ensuring that your cat chews their way through them. Made from natural ingredients these Feline Harvest treats are known to please the pickiest of eaters. You can buy the treats in chicken, salmon and tuna flavors. Yum.

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Purina Pro Plan Cat Snacks and Chews

best dental treats for cats

Purina gives us another great treat with these Dental Crunch treats. They look like tiny toasts and bring a roughness that is essential to dental care. Made to act as a natural toothbrush these treats have no preservatives and bring just enough crunch? to erode plaque and stop the build-up of bacteria. They are also ideal for kittens who will spend a while nibbling their way through these.

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So, if you are looking for a way of keeping your cat’s dental care needs in check, then dental treats for cats are the way to go. Cats will love the fishy and meaty flavors and the different shapes and textures will ensure that there is something for every cat.

Getting bigger treats ensures that your cat gets the health benefits as they need to chew through it, to get the dental benefits. Now when you brush your teeth, you can give your cat a treat knowing they are part of your routine too.

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