Cat Facts #5. Cats Sweat Through Their Paws

Have you ever sniffed your cat’s paws? If you haven’t, we advise you not to do it on a hot day.

That’s ’cause cats sweat through their paws and when the weather is warm, they can wind up with four little sweaty paws that reek slightly of stinky socks.

While this may not be a fragrant bouquet for us, it’s surprisingly helpful for the cats. Cat’s paws also contain scent glands and that scent is mixed with the sweat from their paws and used to mark their territory.

And they do this all the time. While they’re walking – sometimes you’ll see them repeatedly treading on a spot. That’s not kitty alzheimer’s, they’re just working their mark in. They do this even when they’re scratching and of course, when they’re kneading on their humans.

Yes, when your cat paw-kneads you like you’re a loaf of bread, it’s marking you as its very own human.

P.S. It’s not only their paws that cats use to mark their territory with – cats disperse their signature odor through various part of their body.

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