Cat Facts #7. The Cat’s Meow…is Mostly for You

Meow. What a term. So melodic. So multi-purpose. It’s a catch-all term that conveniently communicates a variety of feline thoughts from a simple “I want…” to the expression of more elaborate ultimatums like “Clean my litter box or I’ll sit on your face.”

But what’s most interesting is that a cat’s meow is usually reserved for her humans. Kittens meow to their mothers, but adult cats rarely meow at each other, instead choosing to hiss, purr, or spit when they must vocalize to another feline.

Or yowl, there’s that, too. This tends to happen when a cat wishes to find a mate – both females and males will yowl their hearts out, the former to advertise that their open to advances and the latter to indicate that they’re down for some lovin’ as well.

But a cat’s meow? It’s mostly meant for her humans. Probably ’cause it gets us to do their bidding.

As for communicating with other cats? Cats have more subtle ways of talking to their feline counterparts, like through the messages conveyed through their unique pheromonal scent, with their body language, or simply by touching their noses together in friendly greeting.

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