Guest Posts

Purrfectcatbreeds welcomes guest bloggers from all around the world. Our site features a wealth of content that our readers are interested in which in turn helps educate & strengthen their bond with their cats.
With that in mind we expect sponsored posts to be educational and informative.

We have the following requirements for guest posts:

  • Well written and informative content in the cat and pet niche.
  • The content must be original and only appear on
  • No more than 3 external links. We also ask that you look for opportunities to include a related internal link for an existing article on
  • No length requirements.
  • Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word with image files attached separately.

We created our domain and website back in 2013. With our wealth of content and domain age, we are proud of the fact that our domain authority is quite high (particularly for a pet niche website!).

We review each guest post before publishing it on our site. We charge a $50 review and placement fee (invoiced via paypal after we post the article) for each guest article we post on our site.
If you have questions feel free to reach out. You can contact us via our contact page found here or directly via