Cat on kitchen counter
Cat Training

How To Keep Cats Off Furniture

If you’re a cat owner, then you’ll be all too familiar with the huge problem of trying to educate your furry friend in matters of domestic feng shui and getting the message through that your home is not a climbing frame.

Cat made a mess with paper

How to Discipline a Cat

Cat training

Cat Training Techniques

Cat going outdoors

How to Train a Cat to Go to the Bathroom Outdoors

Cat facts and stories
Cat Stories

Cat Facts

An interesting set of random cats facts for cat enthusiasts. Do you adore all things feline? So, do we. But why adopt the crazy cat lady label when we can call ourselves ailurophiles?

crazy cat lady

You Know You’re a Crazy Cat Lady if …

why are cats better than dogs

10 Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

cat vacation destinations

Top 15 Places Every Cat Lover Must Visit

az of cat breeds

Cat Breeds A–Z Ultimate Guide

Cats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – browse our list of cat breeds to find the purrfect match for you.

Bengal cat breed standing
Cat Breeds Featured

Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is a domesticated and exotic looking cat breed. Not surprising the Bengal’s breed lineage comes from wild cats.

Khao Manee cat staring
Cat Breeds Featured

Khao Manee Cat

The Khao Manee cat is a rare breed of cat with precious stones for eyes – typicaly one silver and one gold alongside a flawless white coat.

Maine Coon cat sitting
Cat Breeds Featured

Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cat is a heavily boned, muscular, impressive looking cat with a grumpy look but is actually very amiable and people-oriented.

Munchkin cat
Cat Breeds Featured

Munchkin Cat

As you can probably guess by my Munchkin name, I am miniature cat. And not only am I tinier than other breeds, but my legs are extremely short and stout, much like the Dachschund or Corgi. Except you know, in a cuter, cat way.

Norwegian Forest Cat staring
Cat Breeds Featured

Norwegian Forest Cat

Like all Norwegian forest cats the first thing you’ll notice about me is that I am sporting a seriously luxurious, intensely fluffy coat.