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An interesting set of random cats facts for cat enthusiasts. Do you adore all things feline? So, do we. But why adopt the crazy cat lady label when we can call ourselves ailurophiles?

crazy cat lady
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You Know You’re a Crazy Cat Lady if …

The Simpsons might have seared the image of a crazy cat lady being a disheveled, witchy woman living in a shack, wreathed in screaming cats and chasing off passers-by with feline projectiles. But, as ever, the real world isn’t quite so black and white. Indeed, some of you reading this article might very well be […]

why are cats better than dogs
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10 Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

It’s an embittered war that will likely see no end in our generation: which animal is superior? Cats or dogs Chances are, if you’re on this website reading this particular article then you already know the correct answer ? a lucky few of us have been blessed with the knowledge. It’s our duty to pass […]

cat vacation destinations
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Top 15 Places Every Cat Lover Must Visit

Attention all cat lovers ? a memo has just been put through from Feline Adoration Headquarters. It turns out that there’s actually a whole world of cat-related things beyond the internet, our self-appointed cat mecca. Outside of the gifs, memes, videos and photos there are museums, islands, towns, caf’s and more wholly dedicated to the […]

Cat eating catnip
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All About Catnip

Even if you’re not a cat owner or particularly well versed in the world of cat terminology, you’ll have heard the term catnip? bandied about before. Through general societal osmosis, it seems that we all sort of associate catnip, on some level, with drugs and getting high only, for cats. Hey, you might not think […]

Cats rule sign
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15 of the Strangest Cat Laws Ever Made

Picture it. It’s your first night in prison, the lights are out, the cell is cold, and you can feel the lumps in your old threadbare mattress. It’s quiet then suddenly, your cell-mate asks the big question; What are you in for You take a deep breath; muster up the gruffest voice you can and […]