Cat made a mess with paper
Cat Training

How to Discipline a Cat

It’s the age old question, how to discipline a cat. And the very thought of it might cause sleepless nights (either because you’re a loving owner who can’t stand the thought of disciplining your cat, or because you’re terrified of the battle that will commence when you do); but there’s no denying that sometimes a naughty cat has to be told.

Cat training
Cat Training

Cat Training Techniques

It’s no secret that cats have a pretty polarized public image; never more so when it comes to their general demeanor and how we, as owners and fawning bipeds, react to it. For example, for many people the idea of training a cat to do tricks or behave in a particular way might sound like […]

Cat cuddling with girl
Cat Training

How to Make Your Cat Fall for You

One of life’s great mysteries up there with unraveling the enigma of space, exploring the untapped depths of the world’s oceans, on par with scientists splitting the atom for the first time: making your cat love you as much as you love him. Like all great feats of mankind, there’s no easy answer. It takes […]

Cat using human toilet
Cat Training

How to Train a Cat to Use the Toilet

Sick of dealing with litter and want to know how to train your cat to use the toilet? Welcome to the club. Let’s begin with a bit of honesty – toilet training cats can be a little more complicated than simply teaching a cat to use the litter box. You’ll have to be prepared for […]

Cat on leash
Cat Training

How to Walk a Cat on a Leash

A cat on a leash. It’s becoming more and more common. I think it’s a great thing for indoor cats personally, of course providing they are actually into it. A bonding experience venturing outside together … Keep in mind it’s not only canines who enjoy this pursuit. In fact, some cats love it and get […]

Cat in litter box
Cat Training

How to Train a Cat to Use a Litter Box

You’ve just brought home a lovely furball and you’re stoked to start a new life together…and then you step on the little “present” they’ve left on your new living room carpet. What happened Don’t cats just automatically use the litter box Well, not necessarily, especially if they haven’t had access to a litter box in […]