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Most Popular Cat Breeds with Grey Coats

There’s just something about grey cat breeds that make them stand out from the rest. Maybe it’s their genteel, distinguished aura. Or perhaps their aristocratic bearing. Or maybe it’s the fact that their refined looks transfer over into their personalities as well.

As you’ll soon find out, many grey cats rank among the most well-mannered, sweetest cats in the feline world.

Grey Cat Breeds

Coat color may be only fur-deep but when it comes to grey cats, there seems to be a correlation between the color grey and a sort of introverted personality. This doesn’t apply to all grey-coated beauties but many of them are every bit as dignified as they look.

If your mind is set of finding a breed with a grey coat, then you have many choices regarding breed options. Making sure the cat’s personality fits your lifestyle is of upmost importance! Keep in mind that individual cats how their own unique quirks also, which may be outside of typical breed traits.

Yes, every cat has a unique character. Some cats like to keep you company as you write, chill on the sofa, or settle down for a good read. Of course, keep in mind not all of them are content to live a life of quiet solitude and for those of you looking for a more playful cat, there’s one or two grey cat breeds that fit the bill as well.

Also be aware that some coats require more work than others so you need to know what it takes to keep that grey coat healthy – we discuss grooming on each breeds individual cat profile so we have you covered.

Grey Cat Breeds

Without further ado, here’s a roundup of the most popular grey cat breeds in several shades of grey, from silvery grey to bluey grey cats. Keep in mind “grey” cats are often referred to as “blue” cats just like the Russian Blue cat breed listed below.

British Shorthair

  • Breed: British Shorthair cat
  • Size: Medium-Large, 8 to 16 lbs
  • Personality Snapshot: Calm and gentle, playful yet not overactive.

You knew I’d rank top of yet another list, didn’t you? Well, I do tend to rank high on many lists. For example, with my round, fluffy teddy-bear looks, it’s no wonder I’m the most popular cat in Britain – and not just the most popular grey cat, I mean most popular of all cats. I’ve also been proclaimed to be one of the cutest cats in the world. Yes, most people just can’t resist stroking my silky-smooth grey coat. If you behave, I’ll let you have a turn.

I’ll also have you know it’s not just my looks that keep me ranking on the world’s most popular cat charts. I am a well-mannered, genteel feline with a zen-like disposition toward life and fellow creatures.

I didn’t arrive in North America until the 1960’s. We were officially recognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) in 1970. From then on, other respected cat registries like The International Cat Association (TICA) and Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) followed suit. My breed received its championship status in 1980.

British Shorthair Cat British Shorthair Cat Grey british shorthair cat British Shorthair Cat Shorthair Full Profile


  • Breed: Chartreux cat
  • Size: Medium, 6 to 14 lbs
  • Personality Snapshot: Quiet, very sociable, highly intelligent and has a fondness for climbing.

Bonjour. I am officially the preferred grey cat breed of great writers and thinkers. Yup, my refined, well-mannered ways have resulted in a long and illustrious history of association with the creme de la creme of French intellectual society.

But as for me, I’m as much of a doer as a thinker. Of course, I value privacy and I’ll respect your boundaries. This means no following you around the house or other stalker-like behavior. But I’m also an active, social sort of cat and will never shy away from attention and a good petting session.

I’m also a top-notch mouser so if you’ve got a problem, just let me know. It’ll be taken care of before you can say purrfect.

Btw my breed was officially given a championship status by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in 1987.

Chartreux Cat Chartreux cat Chartreux cat outside Chartreux cat Chartreux Full Profile


  • Breed: Korat cat
  • Size: Small-Medium, 5 to 11 lbs
  • Personality Snapshot: Loves being the center of attention, craves constant companionship and can get jealous of other pets.

As you can clearly see, I’m a beautiful grey cat with emerald green eyes. And ‘though I’m not vain at all, I do love being admired.

Yup, I thrive when I’m the center of attention. And I’ll use everything I’ve got including my range of vocal cords and above-average intelligence to make sure yours is focused on me. And yes, that does mean you should immediately stop what you’re doing and rub my belly, stroke my grey coat, and engage in other forms of affectionate worship.

Oh, I’m not just sociable with grown-up humans either, as I get on with most beings. I have no problems bonding with small humans and even other pets. I’m patient with children and will likely walk away when handled too roughly instead of retaliating with my claws.

Yes, I’m a gentle cat. But the thing is I’m also a jealous cat. Especially when it comes to other pets. The limelight is mine, so if you’re planning on seeing other pets, make sure they know that I am and will always be your favorite.

So you know I arrived to the United States in 1959 from Thailand. My breed was officially accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in 1967.

Korat Cat korat cat info Korat cat staring ahead korat cats

Korat Full Profile


  • Breed: Nebelung cat
  • Size: Medium-Large, 5 to 16 lbs
  • Personality Snapshot: Curious, mild-tempered, initially shy but affectionate.

I’m an eye-catching, ethereal sort of grey cat and my dignified looks give my personality away. I’m every bit as genteel and reserved as my dignified looks suggest and prefer to save my love for just one or two special humans rather than everyone.

I’m not anti-social, mind you, I have no problem getting along with other beings. I’m just choosier than most and prefer to bond with those who are near and dear to me. But strangers? No, I don’t care for them very much, especially if they’re loud.

I feel the same about non-humans as well. Though I can easily get along with other pets especially other felines. I can take a long time to get used to dogs and other animals especially if they tend to be loud. Yes, I am simply not fond of noise.

I’m a low-maintenance, quiet kitty who appreciates the same of her humans, but just keep in mind that I’m also a sensitive cat and my affections need to be reciprocated.

Nebelung cat nebelung grey cat Nebelung cat laying down nebelung grey cats

Nebelung Full Profile

Norwegian Forest Cat

  • Breed: Persian cat
  • Size: Medium-Large, 6 to 20 lbs
  • Personality Snapshot: Very patient, smart, easily gets along with humans and pets but independent.
Like all Norwegian forest cats the first thing you’ll notice about me is that I am sporting a seriously luxurious, intensely fluffy coat. And while I’m aware that there are other long haired cat breeds that also boast some cool coats, the sheer abundance and density of my virtually waterproof coat makes it pretty unique even in the fur-laden world of cat fancy. It can also display numerous patterns, such as shaded, smoke, ticking, tabby, calico and bicolor. norwegian forest cat breed Norwegian Forest Cat hunting

Norwegian Forest Cat Full Profile


  • Breed: Persian cat
  • Size: Medium-large, 7 to 12 lbs
  • Personality Snapshot: Very zen-like, quiet and gentle, loves to lounge and affectionate yet undemanding.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve officially been the most popular cat breed for, like, forever, I mean not the most popular grey cat breed, the most popular of all cat breeds! Thirty years, to be exact, but hey who’s counting. I come in all sorts of shades including a grey coat.

My desirability has both to do with my adorably fluffy looks as my extremely laid-back personality. I’m very zen-like, you know – gentle, soft-spoken and capable of accepting every moment with gracious nonchalance.

Grey persian cat persian cat Persian cat Persian cat

Persian Full Profile

Russian Blue

  • Breed: Russian Blue cat
  • Size: Medium, 8 to 12 lbs
  • Personality Snapshot: Quiet and introverted, prefer gentle affection over rough play, devoted to my humans and wary of strangers, stickler for cleanliness.

The first thing people notice about me is my shimmering, silvery blue grey coat and my brilliant green eyes.

Who can blame them? It’s a knockout combination.

So is my personality. For starters, I’m a highly independent feline. Unlike some needy felines that can get antsy and restless if they feel they’ve been left alone for too long, I have the useful ability to entertain myself when my guardians are busy or away.

But at the same time, I become very devoted to and affectionate with the few special humans in my life. I may not like strangers, but I’ll absolutely love my humans. And I’ll never resort to noisy, annoying caterwauling to get your attention. I’m a gentle, introverted sort of kitty so expect to have me follow you around our home to finally settle in your lap and have my belly scratched, my ears stroked, and maybe even go for a shoulder ride.

Russian blue kittens russian blue cat Russian blue cat Russian blue cat

Russian Blue Full Profile


  • Breed: Sphynx cat
  • Size: Medium, 7 to 10 lbs
  • Personality Snapshot: Loves to show gestures of affection, very inquisitive, intelligent, has a fondness for playing, fairly active, easily gets along with people and other pets, likes to be the center of attention.

Highly sociable and unreservedly affectionate, I’ve been described as being part monkey, part dog, part child, and part cat. It’s no wonder why I’m so popular around the world – you get so many lovely personas wrapped in one gracefully poised, very chatty grey cat.

My breeds comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns including grey. When I say color – keep in mind I’m a pretty much a hairless cat! My color is seen in the pigment of my skin and my few strands of hair on display.

Just know that I know no shame when it comes to begging for attention. ‘Personal space’ isn’t in my repertoire so no boundaries between us!

Sphynx kitten Sphynx grey cat breed Sphynx Profile

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10 thoughts on “Most Popular Cat Breeds with Grey Coats

  1. other than a cat that has been mentioned above is the busok cat or buso cat. busok cat is a cat breed of Raas island of Madura Indonesia

  2. My daughter wants a cat…sounds like a grey breed would be wonderful!

  3. I just found out what kind of breed of cat I have

  4. My beautiful 2 short haired black cats (they were brother and sister) with one spot of white on their bellies size of a half dollar. Had 3 black kitties just like them. And one absolutely beautiful long fluffy pewter grey kitty. Same litter. No other male was available…not even the postcat Lol
    He is so different from the others not sure what breed he maybe. Very much aloner will play with others but just acts totally different..
    Would love to send photo and get your thoughts.

  5. Do any have stripes?
    I have one that looks like the Russian Blue’s face, but he has slightly visible, lighter color, wide stripes on his sides, but not up to his back.
    By the way, the question marks throughout the story are annoying.

  6. My cat was in a litter outside where we lived…he always was on his own…he came in out of the storm and followed my black cat into the sliding door…he has followed me and never left my side he even risked 2dogs and got stuck in a tree before I rescued him.. he isn’t scared of any dogs that chase him …he actually is loved by dogs…he picked me to be his mum…I love my grey cat…but I think he’s just an ordinary grey cat that has followed me everywhere…and he’s so special to me…he thinks he’s the boss of the dogs …lol

  7. My beautiful fur baby boy died, he was only a year old. He was blocked, couldn’t pee. Unfortunately it was too late for him 🙁 we rescued him from a ditch on the side of the road with a sister. They were only about 5-6 weeks old when found. My family is heartbroken over the loss of this sweet, beautiful, fun and loving baby boy. So sad. Please be careful what you feed your babies. Male cats are more susceptible to the urinary block. If there was some way I could show you a picture he looked almost exactly like the first cat pictured. He would sit with one elbow propped up again similar to the picture. He was very beautiful. I miss him so much, I think I loved him more than any animal ever. I am crushed.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Our beautiful black and white cat who passed away last year had the same condition at 1. I was away and had to try and get to her quick. Thankfully we were very lucky and she survived❤️


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