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How to Make Your Cat Fall for You

One of life’s great mysteries up there with unraveling the enigma of space, exploring the untapped depths of the world’s oceans, on par with scientists splitting the atom for the first time: making your cat love you as much as you love him.

Like all great feats of mankind, there’s no easy answer. It takes determination, time and research to make that fussy feline adore you, but it can be done. Stay strong and delve into this list of 8 things that cats love…and use it for your benefit.

Play with them

It’s easy to misconstrue this one. Many of us find a new born kitten or a particularly cute adult cat so adorable that we can’t help but fawn over them and play with them as we would a toy or doll for our own amusement. I m guilty of it ? hands up. It just can’t be helped sometimes.

Though your cat may tolerate this (or not, as the case may be); what he or she will really love is if you play with them.

Try things like little toy mice, furry cat-balls for them to chase around or even something as simple as a piece of string. Not only does this allow them to exercise their natural instincts for hunting, but it strengthens the bond between you both and prevents kitty boredom.

Give them their space when they need it

It’s always a difficult one to get right. Most cats adore some special treatment; it’s not for nothing that ancient Egyptians treated felines as deities ? most modern cats would have that principle reinstated if they could. Thank god they can’t talk? yet.

That being said, as inherently self-sufficient and predatory creatures, cats also love to have a degree of independence and privacy; some time to themselves.

If you want your cat to love you, then it’s important to recognize when they want to be left alone and when they want to be comforted. Getting this blend right will ensure a long and happily loving relationship between cat and owner!

Encourage their little absurdities

Who knows why cats seem to love spending so much time playing with and in cardboard boxes, bags and bedcovers? Even the haughtiest, most indifferent of cats will suddenly transform into an overexcited blur of fur when introduced to some throw-away packaging.

Think of these little eccentricities in the same that you would a child s. Your cat wants to be free and comfortable enough to explore its own little delights, so let it play around in that old box or sink its claws into that old bedding that you were going to throw out anyway.

The quickest way to make sure your cat doesn’t love you is to be overly disciplinary. If you snatch that box away, or tell your cat off for innocently tearing a small hole in your favorite jumper, then it’ll only serve to distress the poor thing.

Never disturb their slumber

It’s no secret that a cat’s primary mode of function seems to be that of sleep. Unfortunately, they don’t always choose the nice little areas we’ve set out for them (like that expensive cat bed that you strategically placed behind the sofa for safety’s sake).

Often they’ll choose to sleep in your favorite seat on the sofa, spread out across the floor between the kitchen and the living room, on your pillow or even on you.

Try your best to handle these situations diplomatically: either work around the awkward position as best you can, or delicately try to move the sleeping fur ball somewhere a little less troublesome.

Overall, though, they love to sleep and if you let it happen, they’ll love you for it!


Remember that cats? claws are there for hunting and protection. Just because we’ve domesticated them and feed them ourselves doesn’t mean that they don’t still feel like those nails are important.

As a result, you’ll probably notice that your cat seems to love sinking their claws into things and having a right good scratch. Obviously, this opens up a predicament ? what do they choose to scratch? Everything. Furniture, fabrics, you? it can be a nightmare.

Which is why a scratching post is your best bet. This not only allows your cat to scratch to their heart’s desire, but it strategically takes your legs out of the firing line. Giving them an opportunity to claw at something, day or night, is sure to put you in their kitty good books!

Keep her safe and protected

Your cat can only show its affection and love if she feels comfortable doing so. In the wild, cats would hunt for their food, protect themselves from attackers with their claws and seek out safe, quiet and warm places to rest their head for the night.

The domestic situation is no different ? they might not have to hunt or protect themselves anymore (although, that doesn’t seem to stop them from bringing in the odd dead bird and dropping it at your breakfast table), but they still need that warmth and security.

Do your best to make sure your cat’s environment is as comforting, welcoming and safe as possible. Keep her away from loud noises, other animals it may not feel secure with and make sure that she has access to its litter tray and food bowl.

Above all else, keep these things consistent. Big changes in the environment can greatly unsettle your cat emotionally, and it’ll be even harder for her to relax and open up to you.

Spoil your cat from time to time

Although consistency and structure are important for your cat’s home life, you shouldn’t feel concerned about treating her to a little surprise from time to time. One of the best ways to do this, whilst keeping things fairly normal, is to offer up delicious little snacks.

Now, this doesn’t mean snack? in the same way that we might steal a chocolate bar or something that’s otherwise unhealthy. Your local pet shop or food store, or preferred online retailer, is likely to sell all kinds of healthy, delicious and protein rich snacks that your cat will adore.

Of course, these little gestures of your love will be recognized and reflected back in your cat’s behavior toward you! Check out these tell tale signs your cat loves you so you can recognize if your attempts are working.

Constant vigilance

Cats love to explore and run around ? particularly in high up areas. It’s up to you to make sure that no harm comes to them when they play. This means leaving nothing dangerous, poisonous or sharp lying around on surfaces that they might be attracted to, and to keep even the most unthinkable environments clean.

You might not expect your cat to find a way up onto that eight foot tall book case, but trust me ? it’ll find a way, so it’s best to make sure there’s nothing up there that might cause a problem!

Above all else, love your cat, treat it with respect, care and commitment and you’ll likely receive the same treatment in return. Cats love to be loved!

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