Cat in litter box
Cat Training

How to Train a Cat to Use a Litter Box

You’ve just brought home a lovely furball and you’re stoked to start a new life together…and then you step on the little “present” they’ve left on your new living room carpet. What happened Don’t cats just automatically use the litter box Well, not necessarily, especially if they haven’t had access to a litter box in […]

Cat feeling sick
Cat Care

Cat Colds and Remedies

The weather outside is frightful and your cat has been feeling less than delightful. She’s sneezing an awful lot lately and there’s some kind of funky discharge coming out of her nose and eyes. She’s breathing through her mouth as well, which you’ve never seen her do before. Reminds you an awful lot of what […]

Cat whiskers
Cat Care

All About Cat Whiskers

Your cat is a creature of mystery, mystery that permeates everything she does and every adorable feature of her precious little face. Everyone knows that one of most recognizable parts of a fabulous feline is her whiskers! No one disputes the beauty of these bristly appendages, but what are they for? Why do they invariably […]

Cats mating
Cat Care

How to Deal with Cats In Heat

Birds do it. Bees do it. And your cat really, really wants to get in on the action too. If you have an intact female cat – you know exactly what we’re talking about: cats in heat. Yes, that period of hormonal upheaval that transforms your sweet, adorable cat into a yowling, licking bundle of […]

Sleeping cat
Cat Behavior

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

They don’t have a nine to five job, but cats sleep roughly twice as much as we do. As a matter of fact they only spend one third of their life awake. Which begs the question, why do cats sleep so much The simplest answer is, they sleep because they can! But it’s not quite […]

harmful foods cats should never eat
Cat Care

Harmful Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat

When it comes to food, the stuff that you consider healthy and delicious may not turn out the same for your pet cat. And not having a clue which ones to avoid serving up for your feline can lead to very undesired results. Here’s a quick guide you can look over the next time your […]

Cat Care

6 Common Plants that are Poisonous to Cats

All cat lovers know that what we consider as a decorative houseplant can easily double-duty as a quick snack for your feline friend. But allowing your kitty to just munch on whatever plant he or she sees in and around your home can lead to poisoning since some of these common plants have toxins that […]