Loving cat
Cat Behavior

12 Surprising Signs Your Cat Loves You

Do you struggle to tell the difference between a cat’s meow and its sullen glance of what appears to be pure, unadulterated apathy Most people would have you believe that cats are simply aloof creatures, uncaring and self-serving ? but as cat owners, we know that there’s a much more affectionate hidden language beneath the […]

Cat meowing
Cat Behavior

Why Do Cats Meow?

Whether it is a short meow or a long drawn our meoooow, your cat is trying to tell you something. But what? Aren’t they just saying the same thing, just differently? No, you don’t need a secret cat decoder. Just think of each different meow as a different phrase. Introduction: Why do cats meow Your […]

Cat biting a person
Cat Behavior

Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

The best way to decipher the reason behind why your cat bites are to look for behaviors that accompany the biting. If you’ve been bitten, it is most likely related to one of these five reasons. Here’s our guide to why cats bite and how to avoid them.

Cat made a mess with paper
Cat Training

How to Discipline a Cat

It’s the age old question, how to discipline a cat. And the very thought of it might cause sleepless nights (either because you’re a loving owner who can’t stand the thought of disciplining your cat, or because you’re terrified of the battle that will commence when you do); but there’s no denying that sometimes a naughty cat has to be told.

Cat purring on person
Cat Care

Cat Purring Healing Benefits

Forget the empirical research; cat owners have been hailing this particular truth for decades – nothing beats the restorative power of a warm, comforting, cuddly, furry purrrrrring from a loving feline. As ever, though, science is only just catching up with the world of cat-love, finally putting some hard evidence behind the crazy claim. Are […]