Chausie cat
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Chausie Cat

  • Size: Large, 15 to 25 lbs
  • Energy Level: 5/5
  • Talkative: 3/5
  • Coat: Short to medium in length, with a fairly rough overcoat and soft undercoat
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Seeking: Active, experienced and indulgent humans
  • Child Friendly: No
  • Personality Snapshot: Very active, inquisitive and daring, highly intelligent

My Looks

Got a thing for large, exotic felines I just might be the purrfect cat for you. I flaunt an overall exotic appearance that never fails to turn heads.

Let’s start things off with my unique coat. Coming in three striking shades, namely black, brown-ticked tabby and silver-tipped, my coat is short to medium in length and looks quite similar to the ones wild cats have.

It even feels wild – my overcoat has a rather coarse feel to it, which highly contrasts with my undercoat that is fluffy in texture.

My body can best be described as athletic. It’s neither bulky nor skinny and has all the tell-tale signs of a powerful and agile cat. Apart from being well-muscled, my body is also very well-proportioned, which makes quick movements and displays of dexterity a piece of cake for me.

My legs are long and lean, which nicely complement my sporty physique. Remarkably, my hind legs are also slightly higher than the front ones, giving me the appearance of always being ready for a dash.

They also give me a boost in height, which makes me nearly twice as tall compared to most breeds of domestic cats.

Chausie cat photos

My head is fairly long, but not too big. You can even say that I am a cat that quite looks like a miniaturized cougar at first glance since I also have the prominent cheekbones, strong chin and sloping forehead that closely resemble that of my distant cousin’s.

My ears are big and are longer compared to other cats. They are set close together and have small tufts of hair on them.

As for my eyes, they’re more oval than almond-shaped and can either come in gold or yellow. Some cat registries also allow slightly muted eye shades like light green and hazel for my breed.

It’s a good thing, too, since those hues are striking on me.

My Personality

I am a fearless feline. And very active, too, so expect to see me show off my athleticism by climbing the highest, most out-of-reach spots around the house.

Oh, and if you’d like your fragile home decor to remain decorative – it’s probably a good idea to stash those in very safe places. I am an expert in getting into cabinets and cupboards to explore your China pieces and glass ornaments, so you might want to opt for a display case with a lock or a door I can’t figure out.

And I can figure out most things ’cause well, I am very smart.

Usually, I use my intelligence for good rather than evil. Like, I’ll be cooperative when you want to teach me a trick or two. I’m even game for putting on a leash, going for a stroll, and playing a game of fetch in the park. A dip in a nearby stream doesn’t faze me either.

I’m reasonable that way. But not always. Don’t be surprised if I occasionally refuse to obey your commands. It doesn’t mean I haven’t learned the trick – believe me, I have. I’ve probably just got my mind on better things, like a toy I’d like to get my paws on.

Or maybe I’m more in the mood for some TLC. You see, despite my wildcat roots, I am extremely sociable and affectionate.

Chausie cat breed info

I love bonding with my humans and I have no qualms about public displays of affection. Expect lots of gentle head bumps, paw pats, and even a hug or two from me on a regular basis.

But usually only if you’re a full grown human. You see, I mostly don’t have a problem interacting with humans and other pets, but I’ve been known to be aloof and even a bit aggressive toward very young kids. So make sure you supervise whenever you want me to socialize with your baby.

The last thing I should mention about myself is that I can be a bit of a diva. Okay, that’s an understatement. I’m actually extremely demanding when it comes to attention.

And why shouldn’t I be? I deserve to be noticed. Always.

This means I won’t take it so well when left alone for long periods of time. And yes, you’ll know I’m pissed off by all the mischief I’ll get into around the house. Like I said, I usually use my intelligence for good rather than evil (the operative word being usually).

But hell has no fury like a neglected, clever cat. And when forced to, I might resort to deliberately nicking furniture and smashing up valuables around the house.

So let’s not let it get to that, okay

My Ideal Human

I like my humans experienced in feline care. Nothing against newbies, of course, but my constant need for affection and attention can be too much for newbie cat fanciers to handle.

That’s why I tend to go for humans who’re willing to dedicate considerable time each day just to play and bond with me.

And of course it helps if you’re affectionately indulgent, too.

Although I can easily get along well with cat-friendly dogs and other felines, I’m not that patient with very young kids compared to other breeds. Sure, I will still participate in games with toddlers and infants, but I won’t be that tolerant when the play gets too rough. Parents should always keep a close eye on me and their babies to prevent any unwanted incidents along the way.

My Roots

Believe it or not, I descended from the Egyptian Jungle Cat (Felix chaus), a breed of feline that lived in the wild and has been historically recorded to have been around during the ancient times when pharaohs still ruled the land.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped the Jungle Cat for its majestic form and powerful physique. They held it in such high regard that it’s not uncommon to see mummified specimens of these agile felines in the tombs of royal family members, high priests as well as other powerful and influential individuals.

Chausie cat

Veteran archaeologists even theorize that the likeness of the Goddess Bastet was based on the appearance of the Jungle Cat with her willowy body and large, pointy ears.

Now while there have been lots of instances of interbreeding between Jungle Cats and domestic cats very long ago, the practice of mating the two increased significantly in the 1960’s when the demand for exotic pets like tigers, leopards and bobcats became somewhat mainstream.

Over the years, the Jungle Cat has been paired with a variety of domestic breeds, which produced a lot of interesting results. In the 1990’s, however, these breeding programs focused on the outcrossing of the Jungle Cat to domestic shorthairs and Abyssinians. The results of these pairings are the predecessors of the modern Chausies.

In 1995, The International Cat Association (TICA) awarded my breed its very own Foundation Registration status, which was eventually raised to Evaluation status seven years later. TICA promoted it to Advanced New Breed in 2003.

We were finally given a Championship status on May 1, 2013.

How to Keep Me Healthy and Happy

There are two key factors that fanciers should keep in mind if they want to have me as a pet. The first one is my need for vigorous play and attention. Second, I require a lot of space to climb and snoop around.

Moreover, I am prone to digestive issues. Some of us may require special gluten-free cat food to remedy this problem. And just like all pet cats, I need to visit the vet every six months or so to keep me as hale and hearty as possible.

Fun Facts

  • I should warn you that I could get you in trouble with the law. You see, my breed is still considered as wildcats – like lynxes and bobcats – in some places and illegal to own if born within the first generation. So you’ll want to check your local and state laws before taking me home with you.
  • Oh, in case you’re wondering – the proper pronunciation of my name is chow-see,? after the scientific name of the Egyptian Jungle Cat (Felix chaus).
  • I have a tendency toward preferential treatment. I don’t know why, I just can’t help myself. So don’t be surprised to find when you notice that I prefer certain toys, treats, and even humans over others.
  • I am not a cheap cat. Second generation (F2) Chausies can fetch as much as $1,200 to $2,500, depending on our size, weight and color. The prices decrease with lower generations.
  • But I am totally worth every penny. I’m delightful, you know. Plus, my lovely playful nature extends well into adulthood.

5 thoughts on “Chausie Cat

  1. I have a huge, lovable Chausie and your description is right on. He is extremely lovable, intelligent, athletic, beautiful cat. He’s a head turning cat. Well worth every $$$$.
    I adore him. His name is Sweet Tater Tai. Best cat in the universe.

  2. Yes!!# I would agree this is spot on! My new cat a wonderful playful, family loving and guardian of the home…I love my MIMI…so happy to have her in our family!

  3. We adopted a cat that looks almost exactly like the third picture and the description is exactly like her she attacks my son who is three, actually attacks me to at night if she wants to play. Will climb up me to set on my shoulder, she has a very quite voice. She climbs in the shower with me and the first time we left her home for a weekend she was inconsolable by the person we had coming over to check on her.

  4. My wife and I picked up this lovely kitten from a vet in our local neighborhood on Christmas eve.
    They had found him the week before and he was cover in a gluey substance and abandoned. He was only 8 weeks old at this time. He lived with us for 8 years. Over this time he had many problems. The local vets told us he was just a bad cross breed and would always have these. We eventually had to have him put to sleep as the medication had stopped his kidneys from functioning correctly. Not until just now did I know that he was an even more special cat that we had imagined. I wish I would of known then what I know now. I miss my Chausie kitten Loui.

  5. Love to see a Felix Chaus cat —–love to consider making this friendship. Where can I visit a breeder? I am in the Cleveland,Ohio area. Advice, please?

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