Exotic shorthair cat
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Exotic Shorthair Cat

  • Size: Medium-large, 8 to 15 lbs
  • Energy Level: 3/5
  • Talkative: 3/5
  • Coat: Short to medium in length, silky in texture and very dense
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Seeking: Anyone willing to offer up the coziest spots in the house to me
  • Child Friendly: Yes
  • Personality Snapshot: Very sociable, affectionate and playful, not very vocal and loves being cuddled

My Looks

Love the Persian’s looks but can’t deal with the abundance of fur?

Well, then I’m the cat for you.

That’s ’cause I’ve got all the traits that’ve made the Persian the most popular cat breed – minus the incredibly fluffy, maintenance-heavy fur.

Yes, that means I’ve got that adorably round, pudgy-featured, and scrunched-up flat face that cat lovers are so fond of.

I also possess the same set of perky ears and very round, wide-set eyes that lend me a perpetually worried look.

These facial features aren’t just cute – they’re essentially ageless, making me look like a kitten well into adulthood. Yes, we Exotics age well.

exotic shorthair cat info

I have the Persian’s overall body build as well: muscular and stocky. Or as I like to refer to it – abundant.

The only difference is my short, dense coat. It may not be as luxurious as the Persian’s, but it has something else going for it – it feels just like soft velvet and is addicting to touch.

You’ve been warned.

My Personality

Much like my looks, my personality also resembles the Persian’s – but with one crucial difference.

You see, I’ve inherited the Persian’s laid-back, affectionate, and extremely loving nature. As such, I’m extremely fond of being physically handled by my humans. And not just my humans – I’m super friendly and get along easily with strangers and other pets as well. Unlike other cats that can have an issue with being picked up, I love to be swept off my feet and cradled in a lap or perhaps nuzzled in a gentle embrace.

I’ll even hug you back when I’m in the mood.

exotic shorthair cats

Also like the Persian, I am rarely vocal and will only coo and trill when I really have to, like when my food or water bowl needs replenishment.

Otherwise, I’ll mostly use my irresistible stare to get my way.

And of course, my Persian roots means that I prefer to stay on solid ground.

I am simply not fond of jumping or climbing things; I’d much rather lounge around the house waiting for vigorous belly rubs or looking for ground-level stuff I can play with.

Okay, at this point you might be thinking that there’s not much personality difference between me and the Persian. But that’s where you’re wrong. You see, I’ve also got American Shorthair in me.

And that influence makes me much more playful than the Persian. This means that I’ll be up for enjoying a game or two with you in between my regular naps and thanks to my short coat, you get to spend more time playing with, rather than grooming, me every day.

I’m also an exceptionally clever cat so I can even remember where my toys are kept and lead you toward them when I’m in the mood to play.

But it’s not just toys that I get frisky with – I am easily entertained by the simplest of things. So don’t be surprised when you see me frolicking with a running kitchen tap, a piece of string, a wayward feather or even an empty shoe box.

I guess it’s this ability to find wonder in any environment that makes me such an adaptable cat. You see, one remarkable attribute I have is that I easily feel at home in any kind of environment no matter how old I am. Compared to other breeds that need to be transferred when they are still kittens to prevent separation anxiety from their respective litters, you can adopt an adult Exotic Shorthair and we’ll easily fit ourselves right into your life.

My Ideal Human

I’m as easy-going as they come, which means most humans are ideal for me. I am also not tricky to take care of, which makes me very suitable for first time cat owners, families with young children as well as people who have other pets around. I don’t require any meticulous grooming or a special diet either.

That being said, my ideal human will be one who can commit to a regular schedule for play and frolic with me. An indoor kind-of-person, preferably.

Oh, and my absolute dreamboat of a human would also make space for me in the coziest of places around the house, like under the bed and on the living room carpet.

I do like to lounge, after all.

My Roots

My breed began to take root in the 1950’s when an American cat fancier named Carolyn Bussey decided to pair a brown Burmese with a Persian expecting to produce kittens that retained the body and build of the latter, but with the coloration of the former.

However, the subsequent litter was nowhere near the results Bussey expected.exotic shorthair cats

The kittens were born with a solid black color and each one of them basically looked like a Persian with a shorter coat. When they were grown, Bussey was surprised that they also kept the easy-going disposition of their Persian parent.

Other breeders heard of Bussey’s project and tried their very own outcrossing programs, but pairing the Persian with an American or Domestic Shorthair instead.

This became so prominent and widespread in the years that followed that it actually hurt the American or Domestic Shorthair because the purebred ones were vanishing fast due to the outcrossings.

Seeing that the multitudes of outcrossings might eventually jeopardize the American or Domestic Shorthair, as well as affect the future of the Exotic hybrid, Bussey applied for our breed’s recognition in cat registries. Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) Judge Jane Martinke also shared Bussey’s sentiments and helped her secure a spot in their registry.

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) officially recognized the Exotic breed and gave us a Championship Status in 1967. Just four years after we were accepted in the CFA’s roster, we were granted a Grand Champion status.

And more recently, I’m happy to report that our breed quickly became so popular among fanciers and breeders alike that an Exotic even bagged the CFA Cat of the Year award in 1991 and the CFA Best Kitten in 1992.

How to Keep Me Healthy and Happy

It doesn’t take much to keep me healthy and happy. I need playing and bonding time with my humans on a regular basis as well as space to lounge around and chill out in.

Of course, a few toys to keep me entertained doesn’t hurt as well.

One health-related issue you’ll also want to watch out for are my eyes. It’s a smart idea to wipe the corners of my eyes clean every day since I might have an overactive tear duct, which can lead to the accumulation of under-eye stains if neglected.

Fun Facts

  • Although we’re considered a breed of our own, we must have a Persian-American Shorthair heritage before we can be officially registered as one.
  • Besides tortoiseshell, blue, cream, white, silver, black and gold, a cat of my breed can have as much as 88 different combinations of colors and patterns on its coat.

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19 thoughts on “Exotic Shorthair Cat

  1. Hi,i wonder if you have any exotic shorthair and do you export kittens overseas? I am finding for one and is from Singapore.

  2. am looking for a flat face kitten am on a fixed income but if someone has a baby i would love to have it i love all animals and have wanted a flat face kitten for 60 yrs please anyone let me know live in the hardeman/mcnairy county. please email me. thanks

  3. I’d like some info on how I can buy an exotic smush faced cat or kitten please answer me back with a price of the beautiful babies thank you!!!

  4. Do you have kittens available the one with the white face and orange and white tail? My dad just pasted away and my mom always loved cats she would love that one. Please let me know. thanks.

  5. Hello, I’ve been looking for a cat for the future, and I like the looks of the exotic shorthair kitten. I live in Christchurch so how much are they?

    1. I know, right? They’ve got to be one of the cutest cat breeds ever to walk the earth 🙂

  6. Love this flat face baby doll,would love to have her

  7. Hi
    Can I buy one of these cats in the United Kingdom?

  8. They are a lot of work.
    “One health-related issue you?ll also want to watch out for are my eyes. It?s a smart idea to wipe the corners of my eyes clean every day since I might have an overactive tear duct, which can lead to the accumulation of under-eye stains if neglected.” you better take care of this cat if you get one, and no I don’t have one.

  9. Once I was downtown & I wandered into a pet shop and bought a blue eyed persian
    kitten . Withing about a 2 months I realized I had made a mistake . The cat was
    mean , vicious , & possessive ! He didn’t want me having visitors and he didn’t
    want me talking on the phone or reading a book . If I did any of the above he would
    sneak up on me and take one of his claws and rip a long , deep scratch down my
    leg or my arm . When I went to bed at night I had to shut my bedroom door to keep
    him from coming in . I was terrorized in my own house , never knowing where he was hid ready to attack me . My grandmother told me that he was a mean cat and
    that I had to get rid of him before he went for my face . I finally captured him in a
    pillow case and took him to the animal shelter . Everyone there was so taken by
    his white fur & blue eyes . He was beautiful !! The next day I went back there and
    the staff member told me that a family adopted him soon after I dropped him off .
    I said to myself “Oh my , that family doesn’t know what they are in for . Little did
    they know that cat was a nightmare !!!

    1. Hi Peggy, we manually approve comments because otherwise, there’s be a lot of spam up here – your comment is up now!

  10. Where/how do i buy the above type kitten/cat online and what is the cost of the cat?
    Thanks for any help and advice.

  11. Hi there,

    I have been looking for a male excoriated shorthair for a year. I prefer blue and white but would be open to other colours if the cat attracts my eye.

    I saw the pics you posted and the cats are so adorable and look like exactly what I was looking for.

    Can you please keep me posted whenever you have similar kittens available and put me on the wait list?


    1. Thank you. We don’t sell cats on here. It’s an information blog on all things cats! Good luck on your search.

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