Scottish fold cat
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Scottish Fold Cat

Size: Small-Medium, 6 to 13 lbs Energy Level: 3/5 Talkative: 2/5 Coat: Short to semi-longhaired, very soft and silky Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: I get along with everyone! Child Friendly: Yes Personality Snapshot: Sweet-tempered, easily warms up to people and other pets, doesn’t crave for constant attention, curious, loves to play My Looks I am quite […]

Tonkinese cat
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Tonkinese Cat

You can describe the Tonkinese cat as having the overall appearance of power yet with a touch of grace and refinement. The Tonkinese are a domestic cat breed produced by crossbreeding the Siamese and Burmese – and has inherited both breed’s most defining characteristics. Breed Snapshot Breed: Tonkinese Cat Size: Medium, 5.5 to 12 lbs Energy Level: 4/5 […]

Toyger cat
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Toyger Cat Breed Profile

The Toyger is a domestic cat breed that are developed to look like toy tigers – thus the name – the ideal breed look is a short, reddish-orange coat with black tiger stripes. It’s the end result of breeding shorthaired tabbies to make them resemble a miniature tiger. Breed Snapshot Breed: Toyger cat Size: Medium, 7 […]

Turkish van cat
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Turkish Van Cat Breed Profile

The very first thing you’ll notice about me and pretty much all Turkish Van cats are the unique splashes of color on my body, particularly on my head and tail. While most of me is pure white, my coat boasts smatterings of lilac, caramel, blue, black, silver and red. Breed Snapshot Breed: Turkish Van cat […]