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Snowshoe Cat

I am the proud owner of some of the most distinctively stylish markings in all the feline world. A striking contrast of darks and lights accentuate my face and body, giving me the appearance of a cat who’s stepped straight off a brilliantly talented artist’s canvas.

But before we proceed, I should give credit where credit is due: I have inherited my beautifully contrasting coat hues from the Siamese, who I have to thank for the wonderfully dark color points accentuating my ears, face, legs, and tail, as well as the lustrous blue of my almond-shaped eyes.

snowshoe cat

Breed Snapshot

Breed: Sokoke cat
Size: Small-Medium, 7 to 12 lbs.
Energy Level: 3/5
Talkative: 2/5
Coat: Short and fairly smooth with distinctive points.
Hypoallergenic: No
Seeking: Anyone willing to give me lots of love and bonding time.
Child Friendly: Yes
Personality: Super loving and affectionate, craves quality time with humans, chatty, curious, loves water.

My Breed Looks

My elegantly point-marked face is uniquely my own. Unlike the Siamese, my head is rounded with smooth contours and puffy cheeks that make me look friendly and sophisticated at the same time.

And to take the sophistication up a notch, nature has endowed me with a white upside-down V-shape that starts from my forehead and extends down over my nose and muzzle.

This cool little marking gives me a white nose and really highlights my eyes, giving me a sort of Batman mask.

But that’s not all – by far my most popular features are the tufts of white fur that cover my paws and ankles.

Snowshoe kitten

Known as ‘booties,’ my four white paws give me the appearance that I’m wearing snowshoes, which explains the name of my breed.

As such, cat fanciers widely regard me as one of the most graceful looking pedigreed cats.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that on top of my unique color accents, I also possess an overall willowy appearance without even a hint of bulky, prominent muscles.

Yes, underneath my striking colors, I’ve also been blessed with the sort of well-balanced physique that can make even a ballerina or supermodel jealous.

snowshoe cat

My Breed Personality

To be purrfectly honest – I can come on a bit strong. I simply can’t help being loving and affectionate, like, all the time.

Life is short, after all, so why shouldn’t I shower my humans with gentle pats, hugs and whatever other caring gesture I’m in the mood to express

Same goes for quality time together. I’m the sort of feline that likes a lot of it. Which means I’m going to get in on everything that my humans are doing. Whether it’s vacuuming the living room or deciding what to have for dinner, I will never hesitate to join right in and contribute an opinion or two.

Yes, I talk a lot. But I have the sort of melodic singsong manner that never gets annoying. In fact, I’m quite a pleasure to listen to.

Being naturally talkative and affectionate, I’m among the most sociable cat breeds in all the feline world. It’s ridiculously easy for me to make friends – both human and non – but I can get aloof from time to time. But don’t worry a bit when this happens!

It just means I’m busy investigating a nook or cranny that seems suspicious or hatching a plan on how to extract catnip out of a puzzle toy.

Trust me, I’ll be right back with all my attention and affection and we can go right back to spending all our quality time together.

Oh, and don’t think you’ll be able to get away from me by going where no feline dares to go – in water.

I actually love that wet stuff and won’t think twice about climbing in the tub, jumping in the pool, or even hanging out amidst the sprinklers with you.

But my affinity for water is not all fun and games – at least not for you.

My aqua fondness means that I’ll often chill out near the kitchen sink to play with the water when you’re not looking. This may lead to an increase in your water bills if I figure out how to turn the taps on by myself.

And of course, if you have fish…you might want to check up on them often. Like, very often.

My Ideal Human

Due to my relaxed disposition and overall friendliness, I am a feline that’s ideal for any fancier. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time owning a pet cat or an older enthusiast still having a hard time picking out a companion pet. I am also very patient and tolerant with younger children, so you won’t have to worry when I’m around them.

Just keep in mind that while I won’t be crazy cantankerous about demanding attention, I am a very affectionate feline that needs regular one on one time with my humans. And despite my sparkling personality and happy-go-lucky disposition, leaving me alone for long periods of time can make me feel anxious and restless.

So if you plan to be out a lot, at least get me some feline or canine company to romp with.

My Roots

My breed began in the late 1960’s when a Philadelphia-based Siamese breeder by the name of Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty was pleasantly surprised to find that one of her cats had given birth to kittens that sported prominent white markings on their legs and paws. She thought they looked like they were wearing boots and mittens.

Intrigued by this rather unique physical trait, Hinds-Daugherty decided to experimentally pair them with an American Shorthair with tuxedo markings when they became of age. The result was a graceful-looking cat that flaunted a distinct “V” facial marking and the signature white paws, which inspired the name “Snowshoe.”

Vikki Olander, one of Hinds-Daugherty’s fellow breeders, helped her write the standard for our juvenile breed and raise recognition from cat registries. Although my ancestors quickly gained popularity in the next few months, inconsistencies involving our breed’s standard and poorly-kept documentation halted the progress temporarily.

The American Cat Association (ACA) was the first one to accept our breed in 1974. In the following years, our lineage was also recognized by the Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF), the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA), the American Association of Cat Enthusiasts (AACE) as well as The International Cat Association (TICA), which granted us Championship status in 1994.

Interestingly, my breed can be outcrossed to Siamese cats, Oriental Shorthairs and American Shorthairs without penalty.

How To Keep Me Happy And Healthy

I am considered as one of the easiest felines to take care of in the world of cat fancy. Apart from not having any special dietary requirements and being very hardy health-wise, I can also groom myself without a fuss.

I’m very self-reliant that way. But keep in mind that if you don’t see me grooming myself as frequently as I used to, it probably means I am sick and could use a visit to the vet.

Fun Facts

  • One thing about me is that I am quite hard to get. Even though my breed was established almost four decades ago, we are still very rare and can be quite challenging to get hold of.

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4 thoughts on “Snowshoe Cat

  1. We have an adopted Snowshoe & we love him! His original owner died & knowing how much he loved him we decided to take him in. He had been a joy since day one & is exactly as described. We didn’t know anything about his breed , but now surmise our friend must have bought him ,although he alluded to him being a stray, we don’t think so, our friend wasn’t boastful a would have never said. He just happens to be the greatest cat we have ever encountered & we simply adore him???We are so blessed to have him in our family.

  2. Hi we are going to rescue a snowshoe from a rescue centre ( subject to vet check) her owner sadly has terminal cancer and through the course of her 2 years of chemo poor Chloe has been in and out of catteries and her owner finally decided it was time for her to be found her forever home..she was unhappy in the rescue centre so they put her into foster care…the carer has told me that her only flaw seems random biting ( in two weeks he’s had her she has bitten twice) he seems to think this maybe due to her being in and out of catteries and her feeling of insecurity….we are totally okay with this as we believe with love and patience she will settle…( we have three wild feral cats that live at our stables nobody could touch them they were wild but after a few months all three are the sweetest most affectionate ” wild ” cats…do you feel we should just do the same with her…just leave her alone and she will come to us? I’ve only had barn cats and not had one in the house before that has been 2 1/2 years old…l have no other cats…lm hoping you can give me some advice…thanking you in advance ….Sue

    1. Hi Sue, so sad to hear about the previous owner but happy that you’ll be the lucky snowshoe’s “forever home” 🙂 It sounds like you already have a handle on what to do – love and patience is the best solution for cats that have experienced abandonment in the past. And with cats in general, giving them space and letting them come to you is a good way to go. That being said, it might also be useful to give her her space but also establish a sort of routine where she knows that you’ll be around and are reliable, perhaps by simply being around her – i.e. reading, working, organizing in her vicinity. It’ll also help her get used to and comfortable with your presence. Good luck on everything and let us know how it goes!

  3. hi i am so happy u r saving snowshoe siamese cats!!!!!!! mew

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