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Everybody knows that cats hate water. That’s why they obsessively groom themselves every minute of the day, right? So we don’t start plotting how to stick them in a bathtub.

Well, not exactly. While most felines would rather walk through dog poop than get their precious paws wet, there are quite a few cat breeds that like water enough to do laps in a pool!

Of course, the extent of water love ranges from cat to cat, but these cats that love water are willing to not only get their paws wet from time to time, but stick their head under a running faucet and even join you in the shower.

Wondering if your cat is one of these mythical water-friendly felines? Don’t go splashing water on the poor thing to find out – you’ll be rewarded with a clawing session for that – simply read on to see if your kitty makes it on the list of swim-friendly cat breeds!

Maine Coon

maine coon cats info

I m a true American, big, hearty, and one of the oldest breeds to originate in the good old US of A. A rugged sort of cat, I m built to survive and thrive with my water-repellant fur and top-notch hunting skills but underneath my brawny good looks lies the heart of a gentle giant.

Yup, I m as loving and affectionate as a kitten…except when I’m around water. Something about it transforms me from a calm cat to a mischievous maniac. So be prepared to guard all sources of water. Otherwise, you may find that various household objects have been submerged in my water bowl or puddles surround your toilet.

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Turkish Van

Turkish Van breed info

I’m not known as the Swimming Cat’ for nothing! Legend has it that my breed jumped ship from Noah’s Ark and swam all the way to what is now known as Turkey. We found it a little too hot there so we naturally cooled ourselves down by wading out into the cool waters of Lake Van.

To this day, my breed still loves to swim. And it’s not just full-on swimming I’m passionate about – any body of water has the potential to intrigue and delight me so don’t be surprised to find me playing in your toilet bowl or trying to master the art of turning on the faucet.

I may even come to explore when you’re taking a bath. Just keep in mind that while I am a very water-friendly cat, I’m not a huge fan of soap and shampoo so don’t try to make a regular shower buddy out of me.

Oh, I’m kind of the Michael Phelps of the cat world so if you want to hang with me, get ready to brush up on your breaststroke!

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American Bobtail

american bobtail breed info

With a personality as unique as my bobbed tail, I love the attention of my humans and I m not above asking for it so prepare for lots of playtime. That includes going for walks and teaching me tricks, which makes me sort of like a cleaner, smarter canine.

In fact, I am one of the most dog like cat breeds and have even been dubbed the Golden Retriever of the cat world! I’m not thrilled about that – he should be nicknamed the American Bobtail of the dog world, not the other way around.

But I’m not really one to hold grudges. Not when I can be happily drowning my toys in my water bowl or stalking you all around the house!

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You’re probably thinking that I look a lot like a wildcat. That’s because I’ve got wildcat roots – yup, I hail from the water-loving Asian Leopard cats! Which is probably why I’ve got a thing for getting my paws wet.

It’s not just my paws, mind you, ‘though that is one of my favorite games. You see, I’m a natural-born hunter and if I see anything floating around in a pool of water…well, I’m going to swat at it!

Think your safe in the privacy of your bathroom? Think again! I’m a darn clever cat and have been known to maneuver the average household door. Once I hear that shower running, I won’t hesitate to get in on the rain shower action.

But I’m not all water games and puddles – I’m an active, athletic cat and can be trained and even taken for walks on a leash!

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Kurilian Bobtail

Kurilian Bobtail cat breeds

With bobbed tails as unique as human fingerprints, I m a special cat. True to my wildcat looks, I’m not opposed to some rumbling and tumbling fun like hunting and going for swims. I love the water. But despite my powerful appearance, I have the gentle, loving disposition of a kitten and get along with pretty much everyone.

One thing you do need to know about me is that I m all brawn and brain. I m a damn clever cat which gives me the ability to master tricks easily. It’s important to keep my brain engaged so make sure there are plenty of cat puzzle toys around if you plan on giving me a home, okay? If not, I just may figure out how to turn the tap on and let it run…and run…

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Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest cat

I am as fond of the water as any self-respecting Viking cat should be!

But don’t let the Viking part scare you – underneath my strong and muscular build, I’ve got the disposition of a bunny rabbit. Sweet, nurturing and affectionate, I love everyone unconditionally and when I m not romping through the house to work off my high energy, I’ll be making my rounds to cuddle anyone and everyone in my path.

My affections don’t extend to the fish of the household, though. I’m a darn good fisher – my breed used to snatch fresh fish from lakes and streams! So if you want to keep your fish in the tank, be sure you get a secure aquarium. My coat is water repellent and I’m not above getting wet to do some fishing!

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Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau cats

I m a highly adaptable feline, suitable for both indoor and outdoor living. Should you let me out, you’ll be impressed to find I have top-notch hunting skills. I may bring you back a gift or two. You might want to warn the neighborhood squirrels about me.

Love to swim? So do I. I have a fondness for water and can be frequently seen playing with the kitchen tap, swirling a paw in the tub or even splashing the contents of my water bowl with my tail.

And of course the toilet bowl isn’t off limits either. Keep the lid down or you just may come home to me having a wild toilet pool party.

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