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We get it. After a long day of work, you like to lounge around and r-e-l-a-x. The last thing you want is a peppy, perky kitty that keeps pestering you to get up and play with her.

Or even worse, to walk her on a leash, take her for a swim or play a game of fetch.

Such athletic cats are in style right now, with many apartment dwellers looking for a quieter, cleaner dog substitute and hoping to find it in feline form. But you couldn’t care less. When did cats become dogs anyway

All you want is a relaxation buddy, a lazy cat who’ll not only snuggle up on the couch with you but refuse to get up. Like, ever. You’ll pet, she’ll purr and you’ll both enjoy a lifetime of blissful naps, silent contemplation and butt imprints on the sofa.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not – as long as you opt for one of these lazy cat breeds. These lovely, laid-back felines are the sort who prefer to be with you through nap time rather than playtime. Just the way it should be.


persian cats

You knew I’d make it to the top of this list, didn’t you? I do have a tendency to get ranked close to the top in pretty much all things, like for the most popular and most fluffy and of course, the cutest cat breeds.

It’s not even like I’m trying. In fact, I don’t really try at all – I’m as laid-back as they come. A typical day for me is spent lounging around on the carpet, then chilling out on the sofa, and if I m feeling particularly adventurous, I might jump up on the windowsill to relax some more.

This relaxation thing is exhausting, which is why I have to relax some more. It’s a vicious cycle.

And it’s important you know this from the get go. Despite my powerful physique, I am not a very active feline. I mean, exercise? Pleeeeease. So not my thing. I m very zen-like, you know ? gentle, soft-spoken and capable of accepting every moment with gracious nonchalance. So don’t ever expect me to do things like run. Read more about the Persian.


ragdoll personality

My name gives me away. I am every bit as big, fluffy, and easy-going as a ragdoll. I’ll even go limp when you pick me up ? which I’ll let you do even if you’re a total stranger. I m just friendly like that, though my sociability never gets annoying. At most, I’ll follow you from room to room just to be closer to you as I laze around.

And I love to laze. The way I see it, life is meant to be enjoyed s-l-o-w-l-y.

That’s why I like to take things nice and easy every day. I am probably one of the most leisurely felines you’ll ever meet. This disposition of mine is why I get on so well with older humans, as well as cat newbies who’re looking for a more laid-back relationship. Read more about the Ragdoll.

British Shorthair

british shorthair cat breed info

With my round, fluffy teddy-bear looks, it’s no wonder I m the most popular cat in Britain. And it’s not just my looks that keep me ranking on the world’s most popular cat charts, either ? I am a well-mannered, genteel feline with a zen-like disposition toward life and fellow creatures.

As such, I am not fond of getting too active during play or tearing up the household. That is so not the way of the Tao.

Oh and there’s something you should know I am not that crazy about being picked up. I am a cat that loves to stay at ground level and I make sure you’ll hear me protest when you do try to give me a hoist. Actually, I am not fond of climbing things as well. I prefer to do my snooping around the house without scaling stuff. I feel it’s much safer that way. Read more about the British Shorthair.

Selkirk Rex

selkirk rex cat

The first thing you should know about me is that I have a full coat of gorgeous, curly hair. The second thing is that I hail from a lineage of proudly lazy cat breeds. This has really shaped who I am as a cat.

Take my laid-back nature, for example. That’s totally from my British Shorthair side of the family ? they’re as zen as they come, you know. From my Persian cat roots, I’ve inherited my affectionate, loving, and almost too patient nature. That’s why I m good for families with young children, since I don’t mind being around little humans one bit. As long as they’re chill, I’m cool with it.

One last thing you need to know about me: Although I’m a mellow cat, I can feel sad if neglected or left alone for too long. I won’t get restless or antsy like other cats and I m not the sort to take my pent-up resentment out on your furniture but I do need to know I’m loved on a regular basis, okay Read more about the Selkirk Rex.


Chartreux cat breed

Bonjour. My refined, well-mannered ways has resulted in a long and illustrious history of association with the cr me de la cr me of French intellectual society, but I m as much of a doer as a thinker. In fact, despite my sweet, quiet nature, I m an excellent ? seriously, top-notch ? mouser.

My climbing skills are also something to be admired. But despite my well-rounded athleticism, I’m a quiet sort of cat.

Unlike some of the nosier felines ? I m looking at you, Donskoy ? I value privacy and I’ll respect your boundaries. This means no following you around the house or other stalker-like behavior. I also don’t have a problem being alone. Solitude suits me. As long as I have some fun toys to play with and a good spot to perch on, I m a happy camper. Read more about the Chartreux.


nebelung cat

I m every bit as genteel and reserved as my dignified looks suggest and prefer to save my love for just one or two special humans rather than everyone. I m not anti-social, mind you, I have no problem getting along with other beings. I m just choosier than most and prefer to bond with those who are near and dear to me but don’t be surprised to see me slip out of sight when visitors drop by.

I feel the same about non-humans as well. Though I can easily get along with other pets ? especially other felines I can take a long time to get used to dogs and other animals that tend to be a bit noisy.

Perhaps that’s because I am simply not fond of noise.

Silence truly is golden, as far as I m concerned, and I practice what I preach by vocalizing only when something really needs to be done, like a food or water bowl refilled.

Overall, I m easy to love since I m fairly low-maintenance and quiet, but just keep in mind that I m a sensitive cat and my affections need to be reciprocated. Read more about the Nebelung.

Russian Blue

Russian blue cat

Gentle and introverted, I tend to be shy around strangers and wary of noises and crowds. Socializing is just not my cup of catnip. I prefer the comfortable familiarity of just one or two humans with whom I can spend a quiet life full of tender affection and peaceful understanding.

But if you guys need to work (after all, my cat treats don’t pay for themselves!), rest assured that I’m a highly independent cat breed. Unlike some needy felines that can get antsy and restless if they feel they’ve been left alone for too long, I have the useful ability to entertain myself when my guardians are busy or away.

And you don’t have to worry that my method of entertainment will be tearing up the curtains or methodically knocking stuff out of your cabinets. You see, I m not a very active cat and frankly, my energy reserves are just too low to do things like test gravity or seek revenge. Read more about the Russian Blue.

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