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Love cats but not a big fan of having piles of cat fur discarded around your house? You’ll want to meet this little list of non shedding cats.

But first, we should warn you that “non shedding cats” is a bit of a misnomer. Truth is, all cats shed – but the degree of fur differs a lot from one cat breed to the next.

Some cat breeds are intensely furry – you know which ones we’re talking about, the ones who seem to shed a whole cat’s worth of fur every day and still remain fluffy. But other cat breeds shed much, much less. And a few cat breeds don’t even have much hair to shed.

Needless to say, these low shedding cats are the ones to opt for if you have, say, a lot of black clothes.

Cats that don’t shed much are also helpful if you have allergies, but if you’re looking for a hypoallergenic cat – shedding is not the only thing to consider.

Cat allergies are hugely caused by proteins in cat saliva that gets attached to the fur when the cat grooms. Less hair can translate to fewer allergies, but there are also cat breeds who produce less of these allergen to begin with, making them more appropriate cats for people with allergies.

As for cat lovers who simply prefer cats that don’t shed much? Well, here are your top kitty picks!


sphynx cat breed

I don’t shed much, which is no surprise considering I’m a hairless cat. But not all of us are totally hairless, some of have short, sparse fur that feels more like suede than hair.

As for my personality, bald but wonderfully lovable sums me up purrfectly. I mingle with everyone – both family and strangers – ‘though I’m unconditionally devoted to those nearest and dearest to me. Being curious and very affectionate, I’ll pour my energy and love into making myself a big part of your life.

Just keep in mind that my constant affections need a target so you need to give me plenty of attention as well as regular baths to remove the body oils that accumulate on my skin due to my lack of fur. Read more about the Sphynx!

Like the idea of hairless cats who don’t shed? Check ’em all out here!

Cornish Rex

cornish rex info

The very first thing you’ll notice about me is my very unique coat. It’s simply unlike any you’ve ever seen on a feline ? short, curly, and cropped very close to my body.

It’s actually not even fur I have no hair except for down. You see, my coat lacks the guard and awn layers of hair so everything on me is the lovely soft down layer. I feel marvelous, as you’d expect.

My sparse coat not only doesn’t shed, but it hides none of my graceful curves, from my curly coat to my elegantly arched body. But in contrast to my aristocratic looks, I’m a ridiculously playful cat, bursting with unabashed enthusiastic playfulness. Oh, and I’m clever too – I can even learn how to open doors with my paws. You’ve been warned. Read more about the Cornish Rex.

Devon Rex

devon rex cats

Love the low shedding nature of the Cornish Rex? Well, I’ve got even less hair to shed! Much like the Cornish Rex above, my minimalist coat is made up entirely of soft down. That means I’m delightful to pet (like stroking velvet) and you can be one of those rare cat owners who can wear black.

On top of all those benefits, I’m cute as all get out. My large eyes and ears combined with my short, wavy coat has earned me a few nicknames, including ‘elf cat’ and ‘poodle cat,’ but the most accurate is ‘monkey in a cat suit’ for my dexterous climbing and jumping abilities as well as my people-pleasing performances. Read more about the Devon Rex.


laperm cat breed

Looking at my thick, luxurious, wonderfully wavy fur…you’d never I was one of those cats that don’t shed, would you

Well, guess what – I am. It’s weird, I know, but my coat just doesn’t get everywhere like other cats.

As for my personality? I’m as lovingly affectionate as I am curly, which is a lot! Blessed with a high EQ, I’m in tune my human’s emotions and won’t hesitate to shower you with some TLC when you could use some snuggles. Read more about the LaPerm.



Of all the cats that don’t shed, I am hands down the best, if I do say so myself. Why? I’m mostly hairless, thanks to my Sphynx lineage. But it’s not just that – I’m also miniature. My legs are adorably short and my body is overall tiny. And I stay teacup sized even when I’m fully “grown.”

That means not only do I have shorter, sparser hair, I also have less body for that hair to cover.

Add to that my easy mingling with both humans and other pets, unabashed affection, and extremely high intelligence and I am quite the feline catch. Read more the Minskin.


Peterbald breed info

What I lack in hair I make up for in intelligence and devotion. And I lack a lot in the hair department. You see, many of us are pretty much bald and those of us who do have fur possess a short, velvety coat rather than hair.

Needless to say, shedding will not be a problem with me. Neither will socializing.? I’m a very affectionate cat who loves to be with my humans, preferably being cuddled or played with. I thrive on attention and tenderness and won’t hesitate to use my voice or smarts to obtain both. Some call this ‘needy.’ I prefer ‘loving.’ Read more about the Peterbald.


bengal cat breed

I m a gorgeous, wild looking cat so to add “non shedding cat” to my already burgeoning list of positive qualities almost feels like hubris, but hey, it’s the truth.

Well, sort of. As you can tell, I m not hairless. But I do shed a lot less than my feline counterparts, thanks to my beautiful coat which is not really thick enough to warrant much shedding. It also requires a lot less maintenance so if grooming if not your forte, that’s okay.

In case I m sounding a little too good to be true, I should add in a disclaimer: my personality is nowhere near as low-maintenance as my coat. I m actually a bit of a diva and can be very demanding when it comes to affection and attention from my human(s). All that said, I m worth it. Read more about the Bengal!

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