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Ever noticed how some pet breeds seem to be prone to trends? You can’t tell as much with cats since most of us leave our precious felines at home but it’s easy to spot with canines. A few years back, Puggles were all the rage. And then it was French Bulldogs popping up everywhere. The Bichon Frise also had her 15 minutes in the spotlight and the Corgi got a whole lot of love for awhile.

Why are we talking about dogs on a cat site? Well, because every time I see more than 5 or 6 types of one dog breed on a walk over to the corner store, I can’t help but wonder…why would you want a pet that absolutely everyone else has

Wouldn’t you much rather look further than the most popular breeds and find a rare gem whose looks and personality suits yours purrfectly

Well, if you’re one of those discerning cat lovers who feel the same way, you’re in luck. The fact is, there are so many cat breeds out there and a whole lot of them are as unique as they come.

The list below showcases the rare cat breeds among the recognized, domestic breeds in existence today. Admittedly, there are many more unusual cat breeds that are even more rare than the ones listed below, but those breeds have been excluded as they’re either experimental or inaccessible to the majority of cat enthusiasts.

The rare cat breeds list shown below is the purrfect combination – not commonly seen yet not impossible to get!

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American Curlamerican curl cat

It’s a good thing most people find my curly ears irresistably adorable – ’cause I’ve got an insatiable desire to be adored. I thrive on affection and I’m as much of a giver as a taker, showering my love and energy on all those I hold dear – human, canine or feline. Life’s just too short for discrimination – or intimacy issues. Read more about the American Curl.

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American Wirehairamerican wirehair

Blessed with a fairly low-maintenance curly coat and a calm temperament, I’m a joy to have around. I’m curious and active, without being overly hyper, affectionate and loving without being demanding. The perfect Goldilocks sort of cat, if I do say so myself. Read more about the American Wirehair.

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Burmillaburmilla cat breed

I get my good looks – and my personality – from two exceptional cat breeds – the playful and mischievous Burmese and the laid back and affectionate Chinchilla Persian, which makes me the purrfect mix of the two temperaments: fun-loving and sociable yet quiet, gentle, and very easy to get on with. My upbeat yet laid-back disposition makes me one of the easiest felines to take care of – just keep in mind I tend to be a bit clumsy and store away your breakables! Read more about the Burmilla.

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Cymric (Longhaired Manx)cymric cat breed

I am a cat of contrasts. Although I may look buff and formidable, I am actually very affectionate and playful. Although sociable, I’m also highly independent. And despite my gentle, easy-going personality, I can become territorial and protective of what’s mine. Read more about the Cymric.

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Devon Rexdevon rex cat breed

My large eyes and ears combined with my short, wavy coat has earned me a few nicknames, including ‘elf cat’ and ‘poodle cat,’ but the most accurate is ‘monkey in a cat suit’ for my dexterous climbing and jumping abilities as well as my people-pleasing performances. Read more about the Devon Rex.

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Donskoydonskoy cat breed

Bald but wonderfully lovable sums me up purrfectly. I mingle with everyone – both family and strangers – ‘though I’m unconditionally devoted to those nearest and dearest to me. Being curious and very affectionate, I’ll pour my energy and love into making myself a big part of your life. Read more about the Donskoy.

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Japanese Bobtailjapanese bobtail cat breed

Confidence is key and I have it in spades. Which makes socializing, adapting, playing well with others, and public speaking – with my characteristic sing-song coo – a breeze for me. The best part? I’m self-assured enough to enjoy solitude as much as company – I’m rarely ever a bother. Read more about the Japanese Bobtail.

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Khao Maneekhao manee cat breed

With a pure white coat and odd-colored eyes – one of gold and one of silver (blue) – I am one of the most striking felines you’ll ever lay eyes on…if you’re lucky enough to, since I’m still a very rare breed. For those fortunate enough to get ahold of me, ‘though, you and anyone who visits your home will never quite be able to free of me as I am one sociable, devoted people cat. Read more about the Khao Manee.

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Koratkorat cat breed

I love being the center of attention. And I’ll use everything I’ve got – including my range of vocal chords and above-average intelligence – to make sure yours is focused on me. The limelight is mine, so if you’re planning on seeing other pets, make sure they know that I am and will always be your favorite. Read more about the Korat.

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Kurilian Bobtailkurilian bobtail cat breed

With bobbed tails as unique as human fingerprints, I’m a special cat. True to my wildcat looks, I’m not opposed to some rumblin’ tumblin’ fun like hunting and going for swims, but despite my powerful appearance, I have the gentle, loving disposition of a kitten and get along with pretty much everyone. Read more about the Kurilian Bobtail.

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laperm cat breedLaPerm

I’m as lovingly affectionate as I am curly, which is a lot! Blessed with a high EQ, I’m in tune my human’s emotions and won’t hesitate to shower you with some TLC when you could use some snuggles. The best part? I’m hypoallergenic so we can cuddle without worrying ’bout allergies. Read more about the LaPerm.

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Minskinminskin cat

A mini cat with super short legs and a mostly hairless body, I am truly one of a kind. Add to that my easy mingling with both humans and other pets, unabashed affection, and extremely high intelligence and I am quite the feline catch. Read more the Minskin.

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Munchkinmunchkin cat breed

I may be miniature, but I’ve got a big heart. I socialize with everyone and am always open to being adored – even if that translates to being picked up. And my short stature never prevents me from living life to the fullest. In fact, I’m every bit as active and playful as my longer-legged counterparts. Read more about the Munchkin.

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nebelung cat breed

I’m every bit as genteel and reserved as my dignified looks suggest and prefer to save my love for just one or two special humans rather than everyone. I’m easy to love back since I’m fairly low-maintenance and quiet, but just keep in mind that I’m a sensitive cat and my affections need to be reciprocated.

Read more about the Nebelung.

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Norwegian Forest Catnorwegian forest cat breed

I may be strong and muscular, but I’ve got the disposition of a bunny rabbit. Sweet, nurturing and affectionate, I love everyone unconditionally and when I’m not romping through the house to work off my high energy, I’ll be making my rounds to cuddle anyone and everyone in my path. Read more about the Norwegian Forest Cat.

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Ojos Azulesojos azules cat breed

Blessed with a striking pair of the bluest eyes, I’m an absolute beauty. But I’m also hard to get, being one of the feline world’s best kept secrets. Even in this day and age of frenzied cat fancy, I am still one of the most rare breeds you can get your hands on. Read more about the Ojos Azules.

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Peterbaldpeterbald cat breed

What I lack in hair I make up for in intelligence and devotion. I’m a very affectionate cat who loves to be with my humans, preferably being cuddled or played with. I thrive on attention and tenderness and won’t hesitate to use my voice or smarts to obtain both. Some call this ‘needy.’ I prefer ‘loving.’ Read more about the Peterbald.

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Selkirk Rexselkirk rex info

With a curly coat that’s thicker and plusher than the LaPerm’s covering my large, heavy-boned body, I’m a very abundant feline. And it’s not just my looks – I hail from several notable cat breeds and have inherited their most winsome qualities: the affectionate patience of the Persian, the graceful calm of the British Shorthair, and the playful sociability of the Exotic Shorthair. Read more about the Selkirk Rex.

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Serengetiserengeti cat breed

I may be standoffish when we first meet, but that’s just initial shyness. Once I warm up to you, I turn into the ‘Velcro cat,’ following you around to nosy in on whatever you’re doing around the house. At other times, I’ll be working on my fitness by running laps and zipping to and fro. Read more about the Serengeti.

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Siberiansiberian cat

Physically, I’m built to survive in the rough, cold forests of Siberia, but emotionally, I thrive in the warm company of my humans. I’m very sociable and affectionate and will frequently engage my humans in games. That is, when I’m not climbing to the heights of the house, playing with the faucet, or stealing your shiny objects. Read more about the Siberian.

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Singapurasingapura cat

I am a pint-sized bundle bursting with energy. Not shy at all, I’ll jump and pounce my way into the center of all household affairs where all eyes will be – and will remain – focused on me. I love attention! And I’ll do anything for it, which is why I’ve been dubbed the ‘pesky people cat.’ Pesky, I may be, but I’m also unbelievably lovable. Read more about the Singapura.

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Sokokesokoke cat

I’m one of the rarest cat breeds in the world, blessed with a truly unique African tabby pattern and high intelligence. I bond closely with my humans and even have an uncanny ability to pick up on human emotions and act accordingly. I don’t adjust well to new humans or environments so make sure you can commit before you scoop me up. Read more about the Sokoke.

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Somalisomali cat breed

Vibrantly colored and with a full-plume tail, I look like – and have the cunningness of – a fox. Yes, I’m a clever cat and I use my smarts to investigate every nook and cranny of the house, learn how to open closed cabinets, and knock various objects off high places to see how they land. I admit, I can be a handful but good-natured, sociable nature makes me worth the trouble. Read more about the Somali.

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