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Tailless Cats and Cats with Short Tails

Most cat lovers haven’t yet had the pleasure of encountering naturally tailless cats so when you first come across one, prepare to be surprised.

We all have an internal image of what a cat should look like: you know, perky ears; round, almond-shaped eyes; and a long, flickery tail. So when you finally meet a tailless cat, some part of you is going, “hmmmm, gorgeous, but wait, something is…different.”

But it doesn’t take long to positively warm up to the lack of a tail. In fact, some cat fanciers love tailless cat breeds so much, they exclusively seek out only naturally tailless kitties.

And who can blame them? As you meet these amazing, naturally tailless cat breeds, you’ll discover that not having a tail doesn’t make you any less of a cat! Yup, these tailless and short-tail beauties are clever, confident, and 100% feline!

Actually, some of them offer more than the average feline – a few tailless cat breeds have the athleticism of a canine combined with all the feline traits we love so much. The best of both worlds, so to speak.

Ready to meet these gorgeous tailless cats? Read on!


manx cat breed info

Never heard of me? Well, you should know that I’m a big deal on the Isle of Man, which is an island between Ireland and Great Britain and my homeland. I’m even depicted on their coins and stamps!

My origin story is shrouded in myth, like any good superhero, but my lack of a tail is pretty simple: it all lies in a genetic mutation. And it doesn’t cause all of us to be tailless – some Manx cats are born with full tails and others only have stumps.

But the most distinguished amongst us are the cats with no tail. Oh, and you should know that my lack of a tail isn’t the only un-feline thing about me. I m also highly sociable, protective of my home, and enjoy a game of fetch as much as your average canine. Oh, and did I mention I can be taken for walks and bathed in water as well? Told you I wasn’t your average cat. Read more about the Manx.

American Bobtail

american bobtail breed info

My biggest asset is definitely my rather unusual bobbed tail, which is my namesake. It can be around 2 to 4 inches long and gives me a rugged appearance that you’d only normally see on my relatives that live in the wild.

But don’t let my wildcat looks fool you. Despite my rugged bobbed tail and muscular physique, I m as friendly and playful as a kitten. I love the attention of my humans and I m not above asking for it so prepare for lots of playtime. That includes going for walks and teaching me tricks, which makes me sort of like a cleaner, smarter canine. Read more about the American Bobtail.

Pixie Bob

pixie bob cat info

Let’s get one thing clear – I know I look a lot like the bobcat, but ignore the rumors about my breed originating from the accidental pairing of a wild bobcat and a domestic cat. Despite my wildcat looks, findings by cat geneticists show that I actually descended from domestic lines. So no wild ancestors for me.

That being said, I’m not opposed to getting a little bit “wild.” For example, I won’t object to being shown the great outdoors on a leash. But in my everyday habits, I’m more of a gentleman than a wildcat. I am considered as one of the most patient felines in the world of cat fancy and characterized by my devotion to my humans and easy-going sociability. Read more about the Pixie Bob.


Cymric Cat breed info

Love the look of the Manx but wish they had longer hair? Well, I’m your dream come true.

I, being a long-haired Manx, also originate from the Isle of Man. The long haired thing happened several centuries ago due to a mutation that occurred in the population of Manx cats that produced long-haired kittens. Although we looked just as elegant and robust as our short-haired counterparts, we were usually discarded or even put down because we were considered abnormal! People can be so discriminatory.

Fast forward to the 1960 s, a very wise Canadian cat fancier named Althea Frahm took a liking to these Manx mutants? and began to enter us in local shows. Other equally brilliant cat aficionados noticed our unique fluffy and tailless look and integrated us in their respective breeding programs.

And it’s a good thing they did ’cause I am one fascinating cat. A cat of contrasts. Although I may look buff and formidable, I am actually very affectionate and playful. Although sociable, I m also highly independent. And despite my gentle, easy-going personality, I can become territorial and protective of what’s mine – it’s just the Manx in me. Read more about the Cymric.

Japanese Bobtail

japanese bobtail cat breeds

Yup, I am one beautiful short tail cat. Before we continue, you should know that us bobtail cats aren’t related to the Manx cats – our unique mutation occurred independently in various geographic areas, specially Asia and parts of Russia.

Now that we got that out of the way, you’ll want to know more about me. Well, the first thing you’ll notice when you meet me is that I am one confident kitty. Which makes socializing, adapting, playing well with others, and public speaking ? with my characteristic sing-song coo ? a breeze for me.

The best part? I m self-assured enough to enjoy solitude as much as company ? I m rarely ever a bother. Read more about the Japanese Bobtail.

Kurilian Bobtail

Kurilian Bobtail cat breeds

With bobbed tails as unique as human fingerprints, I m a special cat. My lineage originates from the Kuril Islands, which are claimed by both Russia and Japan, which I guess makes me bicultural and explains my name.

My breed began to gain mainstream popularity in the late 1980’s when scientists doing field research in the Kuril Island decided to bring along a few specimens back to the mainland for observation.

The scientists initially thought that my ancestors were feral and dangerous. However, they were surprised when one of us wild-looking cats approached them and did not even protest when petted.

Yea, we’re cool like that. We may be exceptional hunters and swimmers – after all, in our natural habitat, my breed has been catching fish in creeks and streams – but despite my powerful appearance, I have the gentle, loving disposition of a kitten and get along with pretty much everyone. Read more about the Kurilian Bobtail.

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