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Bald cats. Naked cats. Furless cats. Call us what you want. Some find hairless cat breeds funny or strange but others well, others know how to appreciate true beauty.

Of course, the stereotypical “cute” cat is one that’s fuzzy, soft and endlessly fluffy but all true cat lovers know that it is not the fur that makes the cat.

We may be hairless but what we lack in hair, we make up for with our sparkling social butterfly personalities, our happy energy, and our undying love and loyalty for our humans. And we’re not inferior in the looks department either – many of us have physiques to die for, which are even more beautifully defined thanks to the lack of all that bothersome fur.

That being said, hairless cat breeds are not for the run of the mill cat lover. We take work: just because a cat doesn’t have fur doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need grooming! The furless cat bunch is also famous for being some of the most attention hungry cat breeds in the feline world.

But if you’re up for the challenge of rearing us, furless felines make the best friends and companions.

So which lucky cat breeds belong to our ranks? Here’s the full list, in all its naked glory!

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Coat: Hairless or with a light covering of fur like peach fuzz

sphynx cat breed

I’m sort of a big deal, the main event when it comes to hairless cat breeds. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone what they think of when you say “hairless cat” and they’ll name me.

But don’t be intimidated by my reputation or my regal-sounding name. I m nothing like my fame or name suggests ? I am actually pure silliness, unadulterated fun, and a lot of extremely devoted, loving affection.

I m such a bundle of lively enthusiasm that fanciers describe my breed as being part monkey, part dog, part child and part cat. And it couldn’t be truer. My energy levels are off the charts and I love to monkey around with anything that catches my attention.

That includes you, dear human, and all your ilk: your friends, your kids, your other pets, strangers that visit the house…yes, I adore company. What I can’t stand? Being left alone and bored. Keep that in mind if you choose me, okay? You’ve been warned. Read more about the Sphynx!

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Coat: We tend to vary from completely bald to a sparse patches of fur

donskoy info

You’re probably thinking I look a lot like the Sphynx. Well, think again because I am actually a bit…better. Why’s that, you ask? Well, the main difference between me and the Sphynx lies in our genes.

The Sphynx’s hairlessness is caused by a recessive gene, which means both parents need to have that gene in order for a Sphynx to enter the world. If only one parent has the gene, then maybe only 50% of the litter will be blessed with hairlessness, which is why it’s not recommended to breed a Sphynx with a breed that doesn’t carry the hairlessness gene.

As for me, however, my hairlessness is caused by a dominant gene, which means that my babies will end up hairless even if only one parent has the gene. That makes things a lot easier for us.

My personality is also as winning as they come. I mingle with everyone – both family and strangers – ‘though I’m unconditionally devoted to those nearest and dearest to me. Being curious and very affectionate, I’ll pour my energy and love into making myself a big part of your life. Read more about the Donskoy.

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Coat: Hairless or very short

minskin cat breed

The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m absolutely adorable. Not only am I usually hairless, thanks to my Sphynx ancestry, but I’m also a miniature cat, since my lineage also includes the Munchin cat breed.

The result is me, a mini cat with super short legs and a mostly hairless body. That makes me truly a one of a kind creature, even in the world of rare, adorable cats. Add to all that my easy mingling with both humans and other pets, unabashed affection, and extremely high intelligence and I am quite the feline catch. Read more the Minskin.

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Coat: Totally hairless to very short, with a peach fuzz feel when touched, and some of us even have “normal” hair like most cats!

peterbald cat info

In the world of cat fancy, I am regarded as one of the friendliest cats ever. Invite me into your household and I’ll quickly befriend you, your kids, your mailman and your entire neighborhood! And you never have to worry about leaving me with your children – I’m a gentle, refined sort who doesn’t like to resort to violence.

Oh, and don’t be surprised when you seek me lurking by the door to greet everyone who drops by. I’m all about hospitality!

One thing you do need to keep in mind is that I thrive on attention and tenderness and won’t hesitate to use my voice or smarts to obtain both. Some call this ‘needy.’ I prefer ‘loving.’ Read more about the Peterbald.

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Elf Cat

Coat: Hairless to a slight coat of peach fuzz


Love the hairless beauty of the Sphynx and the curly ear of the American Curl? Wish someone would just combine these two cat breeds together and create the cutest cat ever

Well, someone did. The result? Me, aka your dream come true.

And I’m not just oh so cute to look at, I’m the whole package: athletic, easy-going and out-going, and truly very affectionate.

The downside? We’re a new breed of cat – we only came around in like 2006 – and we’re still very rare. There’s probably only like a 100 of us in the entire world! In addition to our rarity, we’re also expensive, starting at around $2,000 a kitten, so be prepared to get out your checkbook and check your impatience if you want one of us.

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