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As wild as some of these large cat breeds may look, they’re as domestic as they come. In fact, many of these gentle monsters are docile kittens in wildcat suits. They may be all sinew and muscle (and fur), but one thing every large cat lover knows is that these lovely felines have a heart of gold.

As you’ll soon find out, many of these huge cats are a lot of fun. With the sort of physique these cats have, it’ll hardly come as a surprise that these lovable giants are some of the most athletic in the feline world.

You can bet that if there was a kitty Olympics, representatives from these large cat breeds would dominate the rankings!

From hunting to swimming to good old feats of athleticism, these large domestic cats are the purrfect match for those who’re on the go and want a feline who can keep up with the action.

The best part? Combine the super sweet, gentle dispositions and the penchant for activity and adventure and you get some of the best cat breeds for families and kids right on this list.

Okay, without further ado – here are the largest domestic cat breeds. They each have their own unique personalities and preferences so read on and scoop up the best match for you!


Size: Large, 15 to 25 lbs

True to my wildcat lineage, I am a fearless feline – exceptionally fast on my feet and capable of heart-stopping feats of athleticism, like leaping six feet into the air!

I’m extremely clever, too, which means I’ll be able to navigate to the highest, most out-of-reach spots around the house…better stash away your valuables. I’ve been known to figure out how to open doors and cabinets so if you’ve got breakables lying around, well, a lock might be best.

But don’t worry – most times, I use my intelligence for good rather than mischief. So put my brains to good use by teaching me some tricks (I’m very quick to learn) or keep me stimulated by putting me on a leash and taking me for a stroll around the block. Want to play fetch or go for a swim? I’d be up for that, too.

Chausie Cat

Chausie Full Profile


Size: Large, 12 to 22 lbs

I’m a large feline with wildcat roots but despite essentially being a domesticated Lynx, I’m more of a jester than a predator and prefer to spend my days goofing around showing off my crazy antics.

I adore company – both human and pets – and I’m no shy wallflower so expect me to be out there mingling with whoever you might bring home.

Got kids I m very patient and not prone to use my claws when startled or handled roughly. Plus, kids provide a lot of the activity and stimulation that I need. Just do us both a favor and teach us how to play fetch – games like that can keep me going for hours.

Highlander Cat

Highlander Full Profile

Maine Coon

Size: Large, 9 to 20 lbs

I’m a true American – big, hearty, and one of the oldest breeds to originate in the US. A rugged sort of cat, I’m built to survive – and thrive – with my water-repellant fur and top-notch hunting skills

But underneath my brawny good looks lies the heart of a gentle giant. Yup, I’m as loving and affectionate as a kitten.

That might sound funny ’cause I’m one of the largest cat breeds around, but I just can’t help myself when it comes to my humans. So don’t be surprised to see me waiting by the door to greet you when you return back home to me after a long day of working for my cat treats.

Although…I may just be hankering for a good romp in the park. Yes, I am one of those rare cat breeds that love the great outdoors. Another perk of mine? I also adore water.

Maine Coon kitten

Maine Coon Full Profile

Norwegian Forest Cat

Size: Large, 6 to 20 lbs

I may be strong and muscular, but I’ve got the disposition of a bunny rabbit. Sweet, nurturing and affectionate, I love everyone unconditionally. Sure, I may be bigger and buffer than other cat breeds, but I’d never think to use my size to intimidate or overpower.

Like Gandhi in a catsuit, I’m a big proponent of non-violence and I’ll choose patience, understanding and tolerance over aggression any day. Especially when it comes to those I adore most. I m a very nurturing breed and won’t think twice about giving my humans and other pets in the household a loving cuddle or two.

So when I’m not romping through the house to work off my high energy, I’ll be making my rounds to cuddle anyone and everyone in my path. You’ve been warned.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Full Profile

Pixie Bob

Size: Large, 9 to 18 lbs

I’m a smarty pants. If you want, you can even train me to understand some human words and take me for walks on a leash. Sort of like a canine, which I admit I do share similarities with such as my devotion to my humans, high activity levels, and easy-going sociability.

But despite my high level of athleticism and my wildcat looks, my disposition is as domestic as it gets. I’m an extremely friendly feline so expect me to bond easily with you, your family and any other pets you have in the household.

I am also considered one of the most patient felines in the world of cat fancy so I’m safe even around your small humans.

Pixie bob cat

Pixie Bob Full Profile


Size: Large, 12 to 20 lbs

My name gives me away. I am every bit as big, fluffy, and easy-going as a ragdoll. I’ll even go limp when you pick me up – which I’ll let you do even if you’re a total stranger.

I’m just friendly like that, ‘though my sociability never gets annoying. At most, I’ll follow you from room to room just to be closer to you as I laze around.

Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll Full Profile


Size: Large, 8 to 20 lbs

Beautiful, athletic, and smart, I’m the sort of cat you’re going to want to show off to your friends. And you can, too, since I can easily be taught to walk on a leash and even master tricks like ‘fetch’ and ‘sit’.

I’m not shy at all so you can even catch performances of my climbing skills and ability to jump 8 feet straight into the air.

savannah cat info

Savannah Full Profile


Size: Large, 13 to 26 lbs

Physically, I’m built to survive in the rough, cold forests of Siberia, but emotionally, I thrive in the warm company of my humans. I’m very sociable and affectionate and will frequently engage my humans in games.

That is, when I’m not climbing to the heights of the house, playing with the faucet, or stealing your shiny objects.

Siberian cat

Siberian Full Profile

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