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Tired of your lap going numb every time your neighbor’s cat climbs aboard? Well, with these small cat breeds, you never have to worry about that!

That’s because the smallest cat breeds don’t weigh over 10-11 pounds, even when they’re fully grown. Which translates to your kitty retaining an adorable, kitten-like appearance their whole life!

Other perks of having a small cat? They’re darn adorable, of course. Not to mention they tend to eat less than their largest feline counterparts…which also means they produce smaller portions of waste.

Cats that stay small are also ideal for city-dwelling cat lovers who don’t have much indoor space to spare. Naturally, it’s easier for a pint-sized kitty to find plenty of hiding places in a small apartment and it’ll also be less of a challenge for you to arrange climbing and jumping areas for your little athlete.

And did we mention that these small cat breeds come with big personalities? Yup, these tiny cats may be miniature in size but they’ve got loads of affection, playfulness and brains.

Read on to find out exactly what’s so great about each of the smallest cat breeds!

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American Curl

Size: Small, 5 to 10 lbs


It’s a good thing most people find my curly ears irresistibly adorable – ’cause I’ve got an insatiable desire to be adored. I thrive on affection and I’m as much of a giver as a taker, showering my love and energy on all those I hold dear – human, canine or feline. Life’s just too short for discrimination – or intimacy issues.

This makes me one of the most affectionate cats ever created. And I retain my kittenish ways well into old age so get ready to acknowledge my cuteness for years to come! Read more about the American Curl.

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Colorpoint Shorthair

Size: Small, 5 to 10 lbs

Colorpoint Shorthair info

Affectionate and sensitive, I’m the sort of feline that’s very in touch with my emotions – and I like to tell you all about them by following you around the house to engage you in lively conversation or prompting you toward an extended pampering session.

Yup, I am one chatty cat. People who’ve met me say I’m not only one of the smallest cats but also among the most vocal feline breeds. So yes, I come with many distinctions. Another thing you should know about me? I like to be constantly noticed and petted and if I feel I’m not getting the attention I deserve, I’ll follow you around until you give it to me! I hope you like company, ’cause I’ll rarely stray from your side. Read more about the Colorpoint Shorthair.

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Cornish Rex

Size: Small, 5 to 10 lbs

cornish rex cat breed

I am a sheer marvel of graceful curves, from my curly coat to my elegantly arched body. But in contrast to my aristocratic looks, I’m a ridiculously playful cat, bursting with unabashed enthusiastic playfulness.

You already know I’m a cat that stays small but did you know that I also stay playful, bouncy, and frisky well into adulthood? Well, I do. Which means I’ll always be up for a game or two. And you will want to teach me fun, productive games of your choosing ’cause otherwise…I might get myself into some mischief.

You see, I’m a highly clever cat – I can even learn how to open doors with my paws. So use my intelligence for good, okay Read more about the Cornish Rex.

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Devon Rex

Size: Small, 4 to 10 lbs

devon rex cats

My large eyes and ears combined with my short, wavy coat has earned me a few nicknames, including ‘elf cat’ and ‘poodle cat,’ but the most accurate is ‘monkey in a cat suit’ for my dexterous climbing and jumping abilities as well as my people-pleasing performances.

‘Cause I love to make my humans happy. And my friendliness doesn’t just extend to my two-legged friends, I tend to get along with everybody – little humans, canines, other cats, ferrets, you name it, I can befriend it. I even talk to birds and insects that I see passing by while relaxing on the windowsill!

But occasionally, I’ll use my friendliness for evil…by begging for food scraps that I really shouldn’t be having. So if you’d like me to stay small, don’t give me too much food! No matter how adorably I plead. Read more about the Devon Rex.

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Japanese Bobtail

Size: Small, 5 to 10 lbs

japanese bobtail cats

Confidence is key and I have it in spades. Which makes socializing, adapting, playing well with others, and public speaking – with my characteristic sing-song coo – a breeze for me.

And by socializing, of course I mean following you around the house and nosing in on whatever you might be up to.Occasionally, I’ll even lounge by the front door, ready to charm your guests as soon as the doorbell rings.

But in case you get to thinking I’m one of those pesky, demanding, attention-mongering small cat breeds – I’m not. As people-oriented as I am, I’m self-assured enough to enjoy solitude as much as company – I’m rarely ever a bother. Read more about the Japanese Bobtail.

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Khao Manee

Size: Small, 6 to 10 lbs

khao manee cat breed

With a pure white coat and odd-colored eyes – one of gold and one of silver (blue) – I am one of the most striking felines you’ll ever lay eyes on…if you’re lucky enough to, since I’m still a very rare cat breed.

For those fortunate enough to get ahold of me, ‘though, you and anyone who visits your home will never quite be able to free of me as I am one sociable, devoted people cat.

Yes, I’ll be the first to proudly admit I m one of those pesky people cats. I adore my humans and try to be around them whenever I can, which means I’ll be curling up next to you or perching on your shoulders quite often. Read more about the Khao Manee.

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Size: Small, 4 to 10 lbs

laperm cat breed

I’m as lovingly affectionate as I am curly, which is a lot! Blessed with a high EQ, I’m in tune my human’s emotions and won’t hesitate to shower you with some TLC when you could use some snuggles.

The best part? I’m hypoallergenic so we can cuddle without worrying ’bout allergies. Read more about the LaPerm.

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Size: Small, 2 to 6 lbs

minskin cat breed

The first things you’ll notice about me are my super short legs and mostly hairless body. Yes, I am truly one of a kind.

I’m not only one of the smallest cat breeds, I’m one of those deeply coveted dwarf cats. But don’t get to thinking my little legs make me any less athletic than those long-legged felines – my legs are sturdier than they look and my big, rounded paws give me the stability to get around and perform amazing feats of climbing and jumping!

And I’m not just athletic grace wrapped in an adorable cat suit, I’m a total people cat and love nothing more than to spend my days bonding and interacting with my humans. Unlike other breeds that shy away from being handled, I am a cat that never passes up the chance to be stroked or petted. Read more about the Minskin.

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Size: Small, 4 to 9 lbs

Munchkin Cat breed info

I may be miniature, but I’ve got a big heart. I socialize with everyone and am always open to being adored – even if that translates to being picked up. And my short stature never prevents me from living life to the fullest. In fact, I’m every bit as active and playful as my longer-legged counterparts.

I’m so adventurous, in fact, that I’ll seek out every nook and cranny in your home to be explored. And if there’s anything interesting lying around, I’lll squirrel it away into my own private stash. That’s why my friends call me “Magpie” – I’ve got a penchant for collecting shiny stuff. You’ve been warned. Read more about the Munchkin.

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Size: Small, 4 to 8 lbs

singapura cat

I am a pint-sized bundle bursting with energy. Not shy at all, I’ll jump and pounce my way into the center of all household affairs where all eyes will be – and will remain – focused on me.

I have no qualms about climbing atop laps and asking for shoulder rides, even from strangers so you might want to warn your guests about me.

I love attention! And I’ll do anything for it, which is why I’ve been dubbed the ‘pesky people cat.’ Pesky, I may be, but I’m also unbelievably lovable. Read more about the Singapura.

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Size: Small, 5 to 10 lbs

sokoke cat breed info

I’m one of the rarest cat breeds in the world, blessed with a truly unique African tabby pattern and high intelligence. I bond closely with my humans and even have an uncanny ability to pick up on human emotions and act accordingly.

I don’t adjust well to new humans or environments so make sure you can commit before you scoop me up. Read more about the Sokoke.

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