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Medium Size Cat Breeds

Medium cat breeds are the Goldilocks of the feline world. If you’re looking for a cat who is not too small but also not too big, a cat that is just the right size – medium cat breeds are for you.

These medium sized cats come in all colors, fur lengths, shapes and sizes. Some are lithe and gracefully built while others have more powerful, rugged physiques.

Their personalities range hugely, too. You’ll be able to find medium size cat breeds who are friendly and sociable or active and athletic.

Prefer your cats calm and relaxed? There’s plenty of easy going cats that are mid sized as well.

Thanks to all the variance, this list is a long one. But that’s a good thing ’cause with all the medium sized cat breeds out there, you’ll be sure to find the purrfect fit for you!


Size: Medium, 8 to 16 lbs

abyssinian cat breed

I’m a high-spirited stunner with looks that rival the sacred cats portrayed in Egyptian murals. But I’m no elegant lap cat – I prefer to live life on the edge, fueled by my insatiable curiosity to climb to the highest heights of the home, investigate everything my humans are up to and explore anything that catches my ever-alert attention. Read more about the Abyssinian.

American Bobtail

Size: Medium, 7 to 16 lbs

american bobtail

Don’t let my wildcat looks fool you. Despite my rugged bobbed tail and muscular physique, I’m as friendly and playful as a kitten.

I love the attention of my humans and I’m not above asking for it so prepare for lots of playtime. That includes going for walks and teaching me tricks, which makes me sort of like a cleaner, smarter canine.

Am I sounding too good to be true? Well, here’s a little secret: I have a lot of energy and I need a regular regimen of vigorous playtime to burn it off. If I don’t get my fill ’cause you’re too busy for me, I have been known to do a number on the furniture.

So yes, I can be a little high maintenance. But given my outgoing disposition and general loveliness, I’m so worth it. Read more about the American Bobtail.

American Wirehair

Size: Small-Medium, 6 to 11 lbs

american wirehair personality

Blessed with a fairly low-maintenance curly coat and a calm temperament, I’m a joy to have around. I’m curious and active, without being overly hyper, affectionate and loving without being demanding.

The perfect Goldilocks sort of cat, if I do say so myself. Read more about the American Wirehair.

Balinese and Javanese

Size: Medium, 5 to 11 lbs

Balinese cat breed info

I’m named for the graceful dancers from the island of Bali, but I’m much more of a talker than a dancer. I truly love my humans which is why I spend so much time following you around to tell you helpful advice.

Admittedly, I can be a bit of a chatty busybody but my very affectionate, devoted nature also makes me an invaluable friend. Read more about the Balinese.


Size: Medium, 9 to 15 lbs


Large and exotic, I look a lot like my wild ancestors. And like them, I can be a lot to handle with my super high energy levels, exceptional athleticism, and an abundance of smarts.

But I am also a load of fun and can be trained, taken for walks and even swims! You see, I’m one of the cleverest, most trainable cat breeds out there. You can teach me to play fetch, solve puzzles and just about anything else that keeps my body moving and my brain ticking.

So if you’re looking for the purrfect combination of brawn and brains – you’ll want to get to know me better! Read more about the Bengal.


Size: Medium, 7 to 15 lbs

birman cat

With my royal good looks, is it any wonder I was worshipped in temples throughout Burma

But my beauty is more than fur-deep – I am one of the sweetest, most gentle cats in existence and unlike most good-natured felines, I am neither lethargic nor aloof, preferring to spend my energy being affectionate with my humans. Read more about the Birman.


Size: Medium, 5 to 11 lbs

bombay cat breed

Jet black and beautiful, I am nowhere near as mysterious as my looks suggest. In fact, I’m an open book – wide open to giving and receiving as much lovin’ affection to and from every single member of my family – including the little ones.

I’ll even follow you all around ’til I get my fill of love…so, pretty much forever. Read more about the Bombay.

British Shorthair

Size: Medium-Large, 8 to 16 lbs

british shorthair cat breed info

With my round, fluffy teddy-bear looks, it’s no wonder I’m the most popular cat in Britain. And it’s not just my looks that keep me ranking on the world’s most popular cat charts, either – I am a well-mannered, genteel feline with a zen-like disposition toward life and fellow creatures.

A true pleasure to be around and no trouble at all. Read more about the British Shorthair.


Size: Medium, 7 to 11 lbs


Curious, trusting, and very playful, I am the social butterfly of the feline world. I spend my days in active pursuit of new things to discover and new beings to befriend, which never gets old – even well into adulthood.

I’m wonderful fun to be around, I hear, ‘though admittedly, I have no sense of boundaries. Read more about the Burmese.


Size: Medium, 6 to 12 lbs

burmilla cat breed info

I get my good looks – and my personality – from two exceptional cat breeds – the playful and mischievous Burmese and the laid back and affectionate Chinchilla Persian, which makes me the purrfect mix of the two temperaments: fun-loving and sociable yet quiet, gentle, and very easy to get on with.

My upbeat yet laid-back disposition makes me one of the easiest felines to take care of – just keep in mind I tend to be a bit clumsy and store away your breakables! Read more about the Burmilla.


Size: Medium, 6 to 14 lbs

Chartreux cat breed

Bonjour. My refined, well-mannered ways has resulted in a long and illustrious history of association with the cr me de la cr me of French intellectual society, but I’m as much of a doer as a thinker. I

n addition to my sweet, quiet nature, I’m an excellent ? seriously, top-notch ? mouser. Read more about the Chartreux.

Cymric (Longhaired Manx)

Size: Medium, 8 to 16 lbs

Cymric info

I am a cat of contrasts. Although I may look buff and formidable, I am actually very affectionate and playful. So don’t be surprised if I linger and love it when you pick me up and pet me.

Although sociable, I’m also highly independent and won’t mind too much if you’re off and away doing your own thing. Everybody needs space, you know

But despite my gentle, easy-going personality, I do have a thing for high-activity sports. Specifically, I’m an avid jumping and climbing buff so you’ll want to make sure I have plenty of shelves and perches and cat trees around the house for me to leap on.

Oh, just FYI: although I look wonderfully feline, I have some canine tendencies. Like, I can become territorial and protective of what’s mine. So don’t be surprised when you find me hissing at the mailman, I’m just trying to keep us safe, okay Read more about the Cymric.


Size: Medium, 7 to 12 lbs

donskoy info

Bald but wonderfully lovable sums me up purrfectly. I mingle with everyone – both family and strangers – ‘though I’m unconditionally devoted to those nearest and dearest to me.

Being curious and very affectionate, I’ll pour my energy and love into making myself a big part of your life. Read more about the Donskoy.

Egyptian Mau

Size: Medium, 6 to 12 lbs

Egyptian Mau cats

I’m a highly adaptable feline, suitable for both indoor and outdoor living. Should you let me out, you’ll be impressed to find I have top-notch hunting skills – I may bring you back a treat or two.

Especially if you’re one of my favorite humans. Yes, I do play favorites and I always prefer those humans over strangers. Read more about the Egyptian Mau.

Exotic Shorthair

Size: Medium, 8 to 15 lbs

exotic shorthair cat1

Love the cuddly good looks of the Persian but can’t deal with all the fur? Then I’m purrfect for you, since I’ve got all the adorable looks of the Persian minus the high-maintenance coat.

I’ve even inherited the Persian’s easy-going, affectionate disposition, but with another crucial difference – I’m actually active and playful. Read more about the Exotic Shorthair.

Havana Brown

Size: Small-Medium, 7 to 11 lbs

havana brown cat info

I thrive on affection and attention. They’re the twin motivating forces in my life and everything I do from snooping on everything you do around the house to engaging you in lively banter is all a means to a most desired end: a long, pampering session of belly rubs and cuddling. Read more about the Havana Brown.


Size: Medium, 8 to 13 lbs

Himalayan cat breed

I’m what’s known as the best of both worlds – a purrfect combination of two very popular cat breeds, the Persian and the Siamese.

And that’s both for my looks and my personality, which strikes the ideal balance between the Persian’s gentle nature and the Siamese’s affectionate playfulness. Read more about the Himalayan.


Size: Medium, 5 to 11 lbs

korat cat personality

I love being the center of attention. And I’ll use everything I’ve got – including my range of vocal chords and above-average intelligence – to make sure yours is focused on me.

The limelight is mine, so if you’re planning on seeing other pets, make sure they know that I am and will always be your favorite. Read more about the Korat.

Kurilian Bobtail

Size: Medium, 8 to 15 lbs

Kurilian Bobtail cat breeds

With bobbed tails as unique as human fingerprints, I’m a special cat. True to my wildcat looks, I’m not opposed to some rumblin’ tumblin’ fun like hunting and going for swims, but despite my powerful appearance, I have the gentle, loving disposition of a kitten: gentle, patient, playful and extremely friendly.

I’m so friendly, in fact, that I get along with pretty much everyone. They can be human, little human, or non-human – I don’t discriminate. My laid back personality means that I am not a demanding cat to have around.

Extra perk? I’m damn smart and can learn tricks and figure out puzzles. Read more about the Kurilian Bobtail.


Size: Medium, 8 to 12 lbs

manx cat personality

My lack of a tail isn’t the only un-feline thing about me. I’m also highly sociable, protective of my home, and enjoy a game of fetch as much as your average canine.

Oh, and did I mention I can be taken for walks and bathed in water as well? Told you I wasn’t your average cat. Read more about the Manx.


Size: Medium, 5 to 16 lbs

nebelung cat

I’m every bit as genteel and reserved as my dignified looks suggest and prefer to save my love for just one or two special humans rather than everyone.

I’m picky that way so don’t be surprised to see me slip out of sight when visitors drop by ? I’ll be back as soon as the unfamiliar faces leave. I m just choosier than most and prefer to bond with those who are near and dear to me. To those lucky individuals, I won’t think twice about showing constant gestures of my affection but don’t be

I’m easy to love back since I’m fairly low-maintenance and quiet, but just keep in mind that I’m a sensitive cat and my affections need to be reciprocated. Read more about the Nebelung.


Size: Medium-Large, 5 to 14 lbs

Ocicat personality

My exotic, wildcat looks are a tad deceptive – I don’t have a drop of wild DNA in my genes. As such, my nature is pure domestic feline, friendly and affectionate.

But I’m not just an indoor kind of cat. I’m also adventurous and playful and can be taken out on walks…with a leash, of course. Read more about the Ocicat.

Ojos Azules

Size: Medium, 6 to 12 lbs

ojos azules cat info

Blessed with a striking pair of the bluest eyes, I’m an absolute beauty. But I’m also hard to get, being one of the feline world’s best kept secrets.

Even in this day and age of frenzied cat fancy, I am still one of the rarest cat breeds you can get your hands on. Read more about the Ojos Azules.


Size: Small-Medium, 4 to 12 lbs

oriental cat info

I thrive on attention and will do anything to get it. That includes following you around ’til you give me belly rubs or exercising my vocal chords ’til you acknowledge my very acknowledge-able presence.

I’m the purrfect companion if you’re looking for constant, active feline company. Read more about the Oriental.


Size: Medium, 7 to 12 lbs

persian cats

I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve officially been the most popular cat breed for, like, forever. My desirability has both to do with my adorably fluffy looks as my extremely laid-back personality.

I’m very zen-like, you know – gentle, soft-spoken and capable of accepting every moment with gracious nonchalance. Read more about the Persian.


Size: Medium, 7 to 14 lbs

Peterbald breed info

What I lack in hair I make up for in intelligence and devotion. I’m a very affectionate cat who loves to be with my humans, preferably being cuddled or played with.

I thrive on attention and tenderness and won’t hesitate to use my voice or smarts to obtain both. Some call this ‘needy.’ I prefer ‘loving.’ Read more about the Peterbald.

Russian Blue

Size: Medium, 8 to 12 lbs

russian blue breed info

Gentle and introverted, I tend to be shy around strangers and wary of noises and crowds. Socializing is just not my cup of catnip.

I prefer the comfortable familiarity of just one or two humans with whom I can spend a quiet life full of tender affection and peaceful understanding. Read more about the Russian Blue.

Scottish Fold

Size: Small-Medium, 6 to 13 lbs

scottish fold breed profile

With my huge eyes and droopy ears, I am possibly the cutest cat that ever lived. But my cuteness isn’t just fur-deep ? I am cute to the core.

Sweet, gentle, and good-naturedly docile, I get along with everyone and retain my kitten-like playfulness well into adulthood. Oh, did I mention I rock at posing for pictures Read more about the Scottish Fold.

Selkirk Rex

Size: Medium, 6 to 16 lbs

selkirk rex cat

With a curly coat that’s thicker and plusher than the LaPerm’s covering my large, heavy-boned body, I’m a very abundant feline.

And it’s not just my looks – I hail from several notable cat breeds and have inherited their most winsome qualities: the affectionate patience of the Persian, the graceful calm of the British Shorthair, and the playful sociability of the Exotic Shorthair. Read more about the Selkirk Rex.


Size: Medium, 8 to 12 lbs

serengeti cat profile

I may be standoffish when we first meet, but that’s just initial shyness. Once I warm up to you, I turn into the ‘Velcro cat,’ following you around to nosy in on whatever you’re doing around the house.

At other times, I’ll be working on my fitness by running laps and zipping to and fro. Read more about the Serengeti.


Size: Medium, 6 to 14 lbs


I am a straight up extrovert who loves to mingle and be right where the action is. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing – I’ll be there and you can bet I’ll have something to say about it. In fact, I’ll have a lot to say ’cause I’m one of the most talkative cats ever.

But as loud and demanding as I can be, I’m also unabashedly affectionate and adoring with my humans which makes me a pleasure to have around. Read more about the Siamese.


Size: Medium, 7 to 12 lbs

snowshoe cat breed

My elegant facial markings and fancy white paws make me appear a lot more dignified than I actually am.

When you meet me, you’ll realize I’m a whirlwind of sociability and unbridled affection which I’ll unleash upon anyone I encounter. And once I get my paws on you, it’ll be hard to escape since I’ll follow you pretty much anywhere – even into the bathtub! Read more about the Snowshoe.


Size: Medium, 6 to 12 lbs

somali cat breed

Vibrantly colored and with a full-plume tail, I look like – and have the cunningness of – a fox. Yes, I’m a clever cat and I use my smarts to investigate every nook and cranny of the house, learn how to open closed cabinets, and knock various objects off high places to see how they land.

I admit, I can be a handful but good-natured, sociable nature makes me worth the trouble. Read more about the Somali.

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  1. I recently adopted a shelter kitten. He is obviously Turkish Van probably crossed with a short haired cat. He is very cool. Do you have pics of this kind of kitty? His name is Jerry.

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