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Top 10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

It’s a shame that cats keep getting cast in a villainous light, accused of being snooty and cold-hearted when, as many cat owners know, it is just not true! Sure, cats are independent animals but they do love their owners and prove that through a range of warm gestures from purring and licking to following you all around the house to display their loving affections. If you’ve never experienced the pleasure of a cat head butt or that paw-on-your-face deep gaze, we’re sorry to say that you’ve just been meeting all the wrong felines! The fact of the matter is that there are loving, adoring, and extremely affectionate cat breeds that will let you know each and every day that you are loved, dear human! Take this list of TLC-giving felines, for example – after you meet this bunch of top 10 most affectionate cat breeds, you’ll know the stereotype is just that – a stereotype. Warning: Some of these affectionate cats can and will try to advise you on all matters of life, love and furniture placement.


sphynx cat breed

I m an outgoing, extremely cuddly cat who won’t hesitate to come to you for some good old snuggling time – in fact I was recently voted as the friendliest feline! I’m warm by nature – both literally and figuratively – and will greet you, cuddle you and sleep on, or even in, the same bed as you so I can always keep you company. Once you get to know me, you’ll see that I also am a highly talkative character who loves a chat and pretty soon, you might even find yourself talking back to me. Whether you’re just in the same room as me or carrying me around in your arms, I don’t mind – as long as you’re near. But remember – if you plan to be out a lot, you’ll want to get me a cat or a cat-friendly dog to keep me company instead. There’s nothing I hate as much as solitude. Read more about the Sphynx.

Balinese and Javanese

I’m probably one of the most affectionate cats you’ll ever meet. I just can’t help myself – I really, really love my humans which is why I spend so much time balinese cat breedfollowing you around and advising you on every matter under the sun. Admittedly, I can be a bit of a chatty busybody but I also have a unique ability to be able to pick up on my human’s moods. Which means when you’re feeling blue, I’ll be the first to sing you a song by cooing and trilling softly and when you’re feeling good, I’ll make you even happier by roping you into a game or two. Read more about the Balinese.


To be purrfectly honest – I can come on a bit strong. I simply can’t help snowshoe catbeing loving and affectionate, like, all the time. Life is short, after all, so why shouldn’t I shower my humans with gentle pats, hugs and whatever other caring gesture I m in the mood to express

Same goes for quality time together. I m the sort of feline that likes a lot of it. Which means once I get my paws on you, it’ll be hard to escape since I’ll follow you pretty much anywhere – even into the bathtub! Yes, I am probably the world’s most loving cat breed…as you soon shall see. Read more about the Snowshoe.


I spend the bulk of my days following around my humans as well as siamese cat breedcuddling on their laps and sleeping by their side as I never want to leave them for long. From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk back out again I will be close by, ensuring everything you do is under my ever-watchful gaze. I am a very affectionate cat and also very loyal and so don’t like feeling I have to compete for your attention with rival cats. Although I often just have a strong bond to one person this doesn’t mean I don’t like anyone else too, although I am prone to ignoring those who don’t give me their full attention when I want it. It’s true – I can be a very demanding feline. But I’m worth it. Read more about the Siamese.

Havana Brown

I’m an extremely loving cat who thrives on affection and attention. And I’m the sort of cat who not only havana brown cat breedresponds to gestures of affection, but will physically reach out toward my humans to be petted or cuddled whenever they pass by. Yes, I am a cuddly cat and proud of it! So be sure to pat my head or stroke my belly constantly. Especially if I go so far as to follow you all around the house and extend my paws out to you for some lovin.’ Read more about the Havana Brown.

American Curl

It’s a good thing most people find my curly ears irresistibly adorable – american curl cat’cause I’ve got an insatiable desire to be adored. I thrive on affection and I’m as much of a giver as a taker, showering my love and energy on all those I hold dear – human, canine or feline. Life’s just too short for discrimination – or intimacy issues. It’s super easy for me to become very intimate with the people and animals close to my heart so expect to have me curl up on your lap, use your shoulders as a perch, and give you gentle face rubs with my paws. I’m one of the most cuddly cat breeds to walk this earth so get ready for some snuggle time! Read more about the American Curl.


First things first – you should know that being my human is a lifelong oriental cat breedcommitment as I am very dependent on my human and also very trusting. I like to show my love and adoration towards my owner by nudging them, nuzzling them and letting out many a comforting purr. If you’re my companion you will have a lifetime of my affection, occasionally though, if you’ve left me for too long, I may scold you when you walk in the door. Just know that this is only out of worry. It’s just ’cause I am completely devoted to you and I care about what’s mine. As devoted as I am, though, I should warn you that I certainly expect the loyalty to be reciprocated! Read more about the Oriental.


I’m as lovingly affectionate as I am curly, which is a lot! Blessed with a laperm cat breedhigh EQ, I’m in tune my human’s emotions and won’t hesitate to shower you with some TLC when you could use some snuggles. The best part? I’m hypoallergenic so we can cuddle without worrying ’bout allergies. Read more about the LaPerm.


I don’t demand for your attention as I m so laid back but you’ll find me siberian cataround constantly, whether it’s by helping you in the kitchen or by accompanying you in the bath – I love a good splash! I enjoy having the spotlight on me but I am not a needy cat who will meow until that need is met. Instead, I’ll wait patiently until you can come and join me. I m not shy amongst strangers either and I’ll bravely venture forth and greet your visitors and friends with softs purrs and nudges. Many believe I m a good choice for families because not only am I affectionate towards my family but I am also fond of children, and, as I am playful, I get along with most dogs too as long as they’re not too loud and boisterous. Read more about the Siberian.


ragdoll breed infoMy name gives me away. I am every bit as big, fluffy, and easy-going as a ragdoll. I’ll even go limp when you pick me up – which I’ll let you do even if you’re a total stranger. I’m just friendly like that, ‘though my sociability never gets annoying. I m a docile little cat who will show my love for my owner by collapsing and curling up on their lap or flopping down within petting distance. I adore being cradled and cuddled but I also like being more playful with my owner, giving me the nickname Puppycat . Some of my Ragdoll friends can even be taught to walk on leads and play fetch! Due to being mostly an indoor cat I get very attached to my owner so make sure you’ll remain only a whiskers distance away most of the day! Read more about the Ragdoll. Browse Cat Groups Cat Breeds A-Z

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