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Modern Cat Trees and Wall Shelves

Modern is a refreshing change from the typical carpet style cat trees. As living spaces change this style of hang-out area seems to be the future of cat trees, and there are so many fun yet functional designs to choose from. Modern cat trees are about clean, simple design. Indoor cats need some climbing room, and when you provide them with a modern cat tree, with a view outside, it gives them a new adventure and gives your home a little something extra. So come on, get hip and be with the cool kittens …

Vesper 48-Inch Cat Furniture

A modern, elegant piece of cat furniture with nice wide platforms. It really catches the eye, perfect beside a window in a living area, a focal point for any space.
  • assembly video
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • aemovable mats
  • twine wraps length of scratching posts
  • heavy sturdy base
  • foam cushions for cat comfort
  • sleeping box
  • Upper platform not sturdy for extra large cats
  • Fur doesn’t provide a solid grip for jumping
  • Scratching posts are prone to being shredded
You can view the full line of Vesper cat products available on Amazon by clicking here.

CatastrophiCreations Multiple-Level Wall Shelf

An impressive, sleek, modern design. This wall mounted shelf has it all. It sprawls out giving multiple cats plenty of room to lounge, scratch, play and climb. You’ll have a hard time getting your felines off this thing. 
  • made in the usa
  • easy assembly
  • hand-crafted modern design built to last
  • variety of wood and design choices available
  • supports integrating house plants
  • large open design
  • sisal poles for scratching
  • hammocks for lounging
  • removable fabric
  • expensive
  • fabric can sag from washing
You can view the full line of CatastrophiCreations cat products available on Amazon by clicking here.

The Refined Feline 69-Inch Lotus Cat Tower

Standing at 69 inches, this tree brings together functionality with style in just the right balance. Lazy cats will appreciate that bottom condo. The tree also has a stepped platform leading up to a very smooth half-moon resting space. All in all this tree offers modern design while still doing exactly what you want your cat tree to do.
  • easy assembly
  • sleek modern design
  • solid heavy base
  • stepped shelves
  • wide platforms
  • sisal pad for scratching
  • wood can creak over time
  • cheap screws
You can view the full line of Refined Feline cat products available on Amazon by clicking here.

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