Hairless sphynx cats
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Hairless Cat Breeds

Bald cats. Naked cats. Furless cats. Call us what you want. Some find hairless cat breeds funny or strange but others well, others know how to appreciate true beauty. Of course, the stereotypical “cute” cat is one that’s fuzzy, soft and endlessly fluffy but all true cat lovers know that it is not the fur […]

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Large Cat Breeds

As wild as some of these large cat breeds may look, they’re as domestic as they come. In fact, many of these gentle monsters are docile kittens in wildcat suits. They may be all sinew and muscle (and fur), but one thing every large cat lover knows is that these lovely felines have a heart […]

bombay cat on womans shoulder
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Medium Size Cat Breeds

Medium cat breeds are the Goldilocks of the feline world. If you’re looking for a cat who is not too small but also not too big, a cat that is just the right size – medium cat breeds are for you. These medium sized cats come in all colors, fur lengths, shapes and sizes. Some […]

Munchkin cat
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Small Cat Breeds

Tired of your lap going numb every time your neighbor’s cat climbs aboard? Well, with these small cat breeds, you never have to worry about that! That’s because the smallest cat breeds don’t weigh over 10-11 pounds, even when they’re fully grown. Which translates to your kitty retaining an adorable, kitten-like appearance their whole life! […]